Chanel Black Pearl GIVEAWAY

*This Giveaway is now closed, thanks to everyone for participating*

Chanel Black Pearl is the nail polish that has drawn everyone's attention these last few weeks and if you've read my previous review here you know it's with good reason.

Because I was very lucky to have it in the first place and because I've been able to score a second one, I thought what best than to give it away to someone who'd really appreciate it?

So here are the rules :

Followers only, you are welcome to join now.

The giveaway is open from now until January 15th, no matter what time zone you live in.
It is open internationally, no matter where you live, you can get it, especially if it won't sell in your country.
Enter by leaving a comment on this post with your email and GFC, telling me what your favorite nail polish is.

You can enter only once, please do not comment twice, if you've misspelled something email me and I'll make sure to rectify it or you.
You can earn extra entries to win by posting about this giveaway :
on your blog  + adding me to your blogroll, 1 extra entry
on your Facebook + adding me to your friends, 1 extra entry
on Twitter + following my twitter account, 1 extra entry

So your comment shoud include :
your GFC username
your email
your favorite nail polish
a link to your blog, tweet and/or facebook

That makes up to 4 entries, I'am also adding another entry to those who have already left a comment on my blog or followed me before this giveaway for their support.

The winner will be picked randomly.
She (or he) will have 72 hours to contact me back or I will have to pick another person.

Good luck!


  1. I am a follower!!
    My GFC is saraculwell
    my email is
    My FAVE nail polish atm (it changes like every week lol) is OPI in Ski Teal We Drop

  2. My GFC name : bichounette62100
    My mail :
    My favorite nail polish is Purple Diamond from Essence =)

    Thank's =)

  3. I follow via GFC as flrusso is my email =)

    my all time forever & ever fav polish is Orly Royal Navy, i would marry it if i could! LOL!

    my blog:

  4. I´m your follower and my GFC name is sonidlo. My email is
    My favorite nail polish is Essie Turquoise and Caicos.
    I have your blog in my blogroll here:
    and below my blogroll is a picture-link to your Giveaway-post.
    I also posted about it on facebook:
    and twitted about it:!/sonidlo1
    I've been following your blog before the giveway.

  5. I'm a follower, and my GFC is Lani
    My favourite nail poish is Essie Sew Psyched/RBL Diddy Mow.

    Thank you!

  6. Hello :D
    Alors je suis une "followeuse" (j'ai toujours rêvé de dire ça lol sous Taninhah.
    Email :

    Mon vernis favoris... Dur dur... Je dirais plutôt que tout ce qui est violet j'aime, peu importe la marque (bon faut pas qu'il soit dur à appliquer sinon je pète vite un plomb) Hum... Erf allez Catrice - Time Square at Midnight (si mes souvenirs sont bons pour le nom)

    Merci :)

  7. Coucou !
    super nouvelle, merci pour ce giveaway !
    je te suis vis GFC Ingrid AUGUSTIN
    mon mail c'est
    Mon vernis préféré c'est mon petit NFU OH 61, mon premier holo !
    je croise les doigts maintenant !

    bises et encore merci !

  8. Hello!

    I'm a GFC follower, following you as Kat :)
    My fave polish is Essie Cute as a Button
    katch05 at gmail dot com

  9. GFC: Mína
    My favorite polish: China Glaze Emerald Sparkle
    You are on my blogroll:
    Link to your giveaway on my blog:
    I follow you on Twitter: Miina_S

  10. GFC: Allie
    My favorite polish is Nars Zulu, and I'm glad it is back!

  11. wow, great giveaway
    I'm a follower since before on gfc as hermetic
    email is hermetic2003 at yahoo dot com
    my (currently) favorite polish: Chanel Paradoxal
    you're already on my blogroll and I also added your giveaway to my sidebar
    link to my blog:

  12. Hi, I'm a follower.
    My name is Lise
    My email is
    My favorite polish: difficult to choose one. I would say China Glaze Secret Periwinkle or Parlez-vous OPI.

  13. your GFC username: Cressida
    your email:
    your favorite nail polish: Chanel London Bus Red (sadly on limited edition only, any clues on where to get my hands on some much appreciated!)
    a link to your blog:
    tweet: @CressiDeuxMille
    facebook: Cressida Meale

    Fantastic blog! Thanks alot - x

  14. GFC: Júlia Simoni
    e-mail: juliasimoni@hotmail.comn
    fav nail polish: it's a bit hard to choose... Maybe Nfu Oh 51. Maybe!


  15. Hi!

    My GFC username is Cintia
    My email,
    About the favorite nail polish, it's so hard to choose, but right now I'm liking grays, so I'd say Give Me The Moon! by OPI
    Here's the link to my tweet:

    Thank you!! :3

  16. Hi my gfc is blanca
    I love pearl Drop by chanel <3
    my twitter: blanca_MD

  17. Hi I'm a follower, and my gfc is solensdanserinde
    I really like Opi Ds original
    You are on my blogroll:

  18. I'm a follower and my gfc is Denise
    email is
    My favorite nail polish is Chanel particuliere. I just recently got it and I am loving it!
    my blog is:
    I follow you on twitter: deniseso
    as well as on facebook: Denise So or

  19. Hi, I'm a follower and my gfc is Denise
    my email is
    My favorite nail polish is Chanel particuliere. I just recently got it and I love it!
    Here's the link to my blog:
    my twitter is: deniseso
    I also follow you on facebook: Denise So

  20. I follow through GFC; Sarah Diamond

    email: iheartpiinkgems at aol dot com

    My favorite nail polish would have to be Deborah Lippmann Happy Birthday, It's just simply beautiful!

    Tweet on Twitter about giveaway:!/sarita_chiquita/status/15965900746264576

    Post on Facebook:
    (If that doesn't go through, I did add you on FB and my name is Sarah Diamond)

  21. I'm following via GFC as Jasmine1485 :)

    My favourite nail polish is Revlon Red by Revlon of course

    Kate1485 at

  22. I follow you trough gfc : Nadia S.
    I follow you on twitter : xNadiaBbii
    I've RT this :!/fashion_polish/status/15095368194727936
    so 3 entries I think :)

    who doesn't want to win this? ♥

    my email :

    great site btw!


  23. Enter me please! I'm a new follower via GFC.
    Following on twitter (@fisiwoman)
    Following on FB (Ana Belén R M)

    Ana Belén R.M

  24. This comment has been removed by the author.

  25. GFC username: lilydujour
    Favorite nail polish: Essie Starry Starry Night
    Twitter: @lilydujour

    Thank you so much for doing this cool giveaway! :)

  26. I am polarbelle
    My email is my 04 heart @ yahoo dot com
    My current favorite polish is Lippmann Today Was A FairytLe
    Twitter is polarbelle123

  27. I just found your blog and love it ;)

    I follow you via gfc - nachtfee.
    email: mojca. zorko
    My favourite polish is china glaze lubu heels.

  28. GFC: killor__bekilled
    fave polish: Lippmann Call Me Irresponsible

  29. GFC: Ginger
    Fav nailpolish: China Glaze Millenium
    Twitter: CatOrangeM
    Facebook: (Catalina Morales Sepúlveda)
    check my blogroll, you're there :D

  30. found your site on today and really liked it.. i bookmarked it and will be back to check it out some more later

  31. First time visitor to your blog and totally love it! x

    Fav nail polish: Chanel Vendetta

  32. GFC: Sontalia
    Fav polish: Deborah Lippman - Bad Romance

  33. GFC: Zohwa1973
    E-mail: patricia.traore at gmail dot com
    Fav polish: Nars Purple Rain

  34. GFC: Michelle
    Email is: lady.danger20(AT)
    My favourite nail polish is Illamasqua's Veridian. Gorgeous metallic green!
    I follow you on Twitter as well: @michellelynn_89
    and have tweeted this giveaway:

    Thanks! :D

  35. Great job Sam, this is a very good start. Your swatches are gorgious to watch, you'll do fine on blog-land ;-) I followed you recently on twitter and facebook, don't have a blog though.
    My favorite nailpolish? Difficult question, as it varies from season to season, and even day to day, I'm sure you can relate to that. Today my favorite polish is KOH Black Stars (a dutch brand, you should really check that out). Yesterday it was Chanel Paradoxal ;-)

    Twitter MarionneB

    Good luck with your blog, I know it's hard work but it pays off!!!

  36. Hi, I found you just today. Nice start, nice swatches, gorgeous nails and one hell of a collection ;)

    My fave would be in the lines of BB couture Saturday night fever...

    My nick is Erzebeth Bathory, email

  37. Follow via GFC as Monik.
    I love Eyeko Rain Polish
    Blog about this giveaway here.
    Foolow you on twitter as @monikaretnani and tweet about this giveaway here.

  38. Hello!
    I bought Pearl Drop today after showing your swatches in store. I don't have a favorite polish, that's too hard a choice! My GFC is AHY or Allya, I cannever remember which. Email me at if I happen to win. Knowing my luck, I won't but it's always worth a shot.

  39. GFC: An

    My fav nail polish is Orly Solid Gold.

  40. Hi,
    Enter me ,please!
    I follow you via GFC(Camelia Andrasescu)
    My favorite nail polish is OPI :"Ate Berries in the Canaries"

  41. Hiya Sam :)

    I follow your blog with GFC by the name Martje, you're on my blogrol; (right side of blog)and I`ve placed you give-away on my special page;
    My email would be
    My favorite nailpolish would be OPI - Parlez-vous OPI? because I love the color, and it works perfect for me when I wanna do some Konad-art
    I "like" you on Facebook, by the name Marte Briene...not sure if you want everyone to become "friends" with you automatically :S
    I do not use Twitter/tweets.

    thank you for organising the **Give-Away** :) Good luck everyone!!

  42. So excited about your blog!

    GFC: shuzluva
    Polish: Chanel Kaleidoscope

    Good luck, I'm loving it.

  43. GFC: loveandkiwi
    I'm following you on twitter and have retweeted about your giveaway. My twitter account username is loveandkiwi
    Favourite Polish: Essie Van D'go


  44. Salut!!
    Un giveaway superbe!
    Je suis ton 100 eme follower, Une Ruxi a Paris,
    Mon adresse email
    Mon vernis favorit est .... je ne peux pas me decider c'est trop dur, mais j'en ai plusieurs, China Glaze Zombie Zest, China Glaze Party Harty, Chanel Paradoxal, Mac Ming Blue, Orly
    space Cadet...
    Sur facebook je suis Enache Ruxandra

  45. thanks for the giveaway

    follow gfc ginnn7


    my fav is orly space cadet

  46. gfc follower id: quinieleong

    I don't have any fave nail polish yet. I don't like the ones that I have tried :(

    Added to blog roll

    Added and liked in Facebook as Leong Quinie

    Following in twitter as quinieleong

  47. Thanks for this great giveaway :)
    I am a follower via GFC : Saori
    I posted you giveaway here :
    My e-mail :
    Have a good day :)

  48. Hi!
    Happy new year and thanks for this superb givaway.
    I could not believe my eyes when I saw it!! In fact I still can't ;)
    I don't have a fav polish but I tend to prefer green ones.
    I fallow through gfc by the name Macca
    My email is.

  49. Hei! thank you for the opportunity!
    I follow via GFC, nickname Ulmiel, my email: did.someone.say.nailpolish (at)

    You ask too much of me if you want to hear my favourite nail polish. I can't name one. But my favourites: Illamasqua Rampage, China Glaze Watermelon Rind, Gussied Up Green, Wagon Trail, O.P.I. DS glamour, Romeo & Joliet, and million more :)

    I have you on my blogroll: and I posted about your giveaway in this post:

    Happy new year!!

  50. GFC name: Abby
    Email: abigail_hearts22 (at) hotmail (dot) com

    My favourite nail polish is OPI Merry Midnight.

    I've added your giveaway to my blog, and you're in my blog list. (:

  51. I've never worn a Channel before.
    I´m your follower and my GFC name is Nik. My email is nikra6 (at)

    My all time favourite nail polish is China Glaze's 2NITE. 2010's fave is The show must go on by OPI.

  52. Ooh, it's such a pretty polish!

    I'm a follower through gfc - Sharon
    Email: polishinfatuated at gmail dot com

    My favourite nail polish is definitely OPI's Parlez-vous OPI?; I love the dusky purple shade to bits ♥

    I've added your giveaway to my blog's sidebar and you're also on my blogroll:

    If you want, check out my giveaway too! :)

  53. coucou, j'y comprend décidément rien à l'anglais, donc je fais au pif, je participe, je suis "followers "stopdidine, mon mail c'est stopdidine(at)hotmail(dot)fr
    Je fais la pub dans ma sidebar sur mon blog en page d'accueil section giveaways sur la gauche

  54. melodyzhao94
    Sally Hansen Pedal to the Metal

  55. Hi, I'm a brazilian follower. My name is Priscila.
    my GFC is paraentendermoda
    favorite nail polish: pink ácido, arezzo (it's a brazilian nail polish)!/priscilakslopes

  56. I follow you as tropicalstorm blogger, and my name is Lea in my google account.
    favorite nail polish: OPI tickle my france-y although I love so many of my polishes.
    I've added your giveaway to my facebook page!/profile.php?id=582307229 and my blog

  57. Wonderful giveaway... I really hope I win 'cause they don't sell in Denmark or I haven't found it at least!


    folloow through blogger (I have no idea what GFC is!)and have added you to my blogroll and blogged about you. :)

    Favourite nail polish: Chanel Rose Confidentiele.

    My blog:

  58. hi im a follower via GFC as aaminahs mom- my fave all time polish is color club revvvolution.

  59. Hi,
    I'm a follower, my username is kstil.
    My email is
    My favorite nail polish is the holo opi my private jet.
    Thanks for this giveaway <3

  60. Hi im a follower my user is tamar512
    my fav polish is essie angora cardi
    i liked your page on facebook and shared this giveaway :
    also via twitter im tamar_2244 followed you and also tweeted here is the link :
    dont have a blog :(

  61. hi there!
    my favorite nail polish right now is OPI DS Desire, it is a retired shade but it is gorgeous!
    my user name i think is Danyal.
    my email is
    just added you on facebook.

    thanks for holding a contest! chanel is too expensive!

  62. I'm a new follower! I love the name of your blog, so clever :) my favorite polish is Zoya Sweet.

    GFC: jessicavpolish
    I added this giveaway to my blog sidebar.


  63. I am a follower
    My GFC is Kimuchi
    My email is ciel.wd at gmail dot com
    One of my favorite nail polish is called "blue satin", is a lovely dark deep blue with some glitters, I can't remember the brand now as is a cheap one (I can't afford good brands and they don't sell in my country :C)

    Thanks for this chance! <33

  64. I follow via< gfc(anur)
    anuroininen at hotmail dot com
    My favourite polish is Nubar 2010

  65. GFC: Erin Nolan
    Fave polish - MAC Bad Fairy
    Twitter: erinnolan

  66. Hi, bonjour from France !!!
    I am a follower of your blog !!
    My GFC is coco79
    My email is
    And my favourite nail polish is Over the Taupe - OPI !!
    I added you as my friends on Facebook ;-))
    I don't have any Chanel nail polish for the moment...who knows ???


  67. Hi! I just started following your blog and I must say that I really enjoy reading it! My GFC name is Cheryl and my email is cherylcherylcheryl(at)gmail(dot)com.

    I'm also following you on twitter as ch3ryl89 and I tweeted about this at!/ch3ryl89/status/23064662710943744

    My favourite polish is ChG Frosty!

    Thank you for this generous giveaway!

  68. Wow this is a great resource.. I’m enjoying it.. good article

  69. Enter me, please!

    I follow as Biba.

    e-mail: barbara(dot)skledar (at) gmail(dot)com

    It's though to pick just one polish... Maybe China Glaze Thunderbird. I love shimmery red polishes :)

  70. ahhhh i love this polish!!!!
    Im pretty sure my GFC is Hay-hey or marleygurl4ever. i always forget
    my email is
    my favorite nail polish is OPI Mad as a hatter/RBL Recycle.

  71. Enter Me!!
    I am a GFC (Sophie) and Twitter (MeSoAwesomeXD) follower. I tweeted about this:!/MeSoAwesomeXD/status/24011896155807744
    Thank you!

  72. Enter me please :)
    Following through GFC - gina_deville
    Email -
    Favorite polish for the moment - OPI Paris Couture For Sure :)
    Have a great day!

  73. Enter me please! Great giveaway ^^
    My nick in GFG is Maribel F. and my e-mail is
    My favorite polish for the moment is Chanel 479 Kaleidoscope.
    Thank you!

  74. Hi I am a follower as "apolishedlife"
    email: lostinvast at aol dot com and apolishedlife at gmail dot com

    my favorite nail polish is Nfu Oh #51


  75. GFC Laura
    added you on facebook(laura McCarthy)
    My favourite polish is ... wow how can i pick one, but i think OPI atomic orange

  76. Great giveaway! Thanks!

    GFC - sharon
    My favorite nail polish is OPI Elephantastic Pink
    Following you on twitter under SUMM3Rxbabii & posted it here -

    and i'm not sure how to friend you on fb, but i've liked your page via

  77. Hello.

    I am a follower via GFC (Alexa1202) and my email is alexa12_02[at]yahoo[dot]com.

    I would love to enter your giveaway. My fave nail polish is OPI - Suzi Says Feng Shui.

    I also added you to my blogroll:

    I follow on Twitter as Alexa1202


  78. Hi I'm GFC Mel Bee.
    My email is:
    berekina77 at gmail dot com
    I tweeted about this!/Berekina77/status/24522826878816256
    My favorite polish is Lippmann Today Was A FairytLe

  79. Hi,

    My GFC is Fairy Lélie and my email is
    My favourite polish is China Glaze CowGirl Up :)

  80. Hey :)
    So I'm a follower, my GFC is chocaddict and email is moncoinamoua (at) hotmail (dot) com
    At the moment my favourite polish is Scrangie (RBL)
    fingers crossed!

  81. Hi, I'm a following with GFC name Brianna. My email is

    My fave polish is Rimmel Delicious Dark.

  82. Follower: ketty_me
    E-mail: k.babich(at)
    My favorite nail polish is deffinatly OPI: Mad as hatter
    Love it! <3

  83. It's always hard to choose a favourite 'something', but if I had to choose today, my favourite polish would be Orly's Space Cadet :)

    * I'm following you via GFC - Lolaa
    * My email address is : ladyofthelaake (at)
    * You're in my blogroll at :
    * I'm following you on Twitter : Ladyofthelaake
    * I tweeted about your giveaway here :!/Ladyofthelaake/status/25207990948732928
    * I added you as a friend on Facebook (Lolaa Of theLaake)

    Thank you for this awesome giveaway, I must admit that this polish is a little gem!!! <3

  84. Hello !!!

    I follow your giveway !
    My GFC username : Eugénie Delrue
    My email :
    My favorite nail polish : For now, it's Chanel Paradoxal but it changes everytime !!!
    and i'm not sure how to friend you on fb, but i've liked your page via mine : Eugénie Michiels !
    Thanks !

  85. GFC username : Girard Clara
    email :
    Favorite nail polish : Actually it is "Rising Star" from the Burlesque collection for OPI ~
    Twitter : I'm following you and here is the link for the tweet ->!/Cho_capik/status/25320114207326208

  86. GFC : honey_lili
    My favorite nail polish is (probably...) OPI Yoga-ta get this blue

    thanks for entering me

  87. This comment has been removed by the author.

  88. I'm a follower! GFC as Kendal.
    My email is
    My favorite polish of the moment is Color Club "Wild at Heart". <3 Holos. (blogroll) -- (posted here)
    I follow you on twitter as heartkendal --!/heartkendal/status/25618843695058945 (my tweet)

  89. Wow <3

    I follow with GFC as inmydamndreams and my email is
    My favorite polish right now is GOSH Holographic, i think. The application is sucky, but the effect...! (<3)

  90. chanel particuliere. not so original, but maybe black pearl could update my look! ps, it's my birthday...:)

  91. My name is Gondor TAri
    My mail is
    My favourite polish is numbre 81 from Deliplus.
    This is my blog:

  92. Hello, I follow you via GFC as Liviana.
    My mail:
    My favourite polish is OPI Over the taupe.

    Thank you!!!

  93. Username: adnamay
    Favorite Nail Polish: Chanel Khaki Vert

  94. Hello, I follow you via GFC as M.P.
    My mail:
    My favourite polish is Sally Hansen Ruby Diamond

  95. That was a truly good blog post.

  96. I dont disagree with this writing!!