About me

My name is Sam and I 'm a fan of nail polish, nail art and everything nail related. My friends and family may even say that I totally fall into the addict category but that's fine with me, I'm proud of it ;-)

I started this blog to help me share this time consuming but essential part of my world because let's face it, as much as our close ones try to be involved, there comes a time when it's just beyond them...
I truly believe that everyone can have beautiful nails with proper care, you can see my manicure routine here, I used to have thin, soft, peeling nails, they've come a long way...

I try my best to publish some good quality pictures, unless stated otherwise, they are taken under an OTT light because I simply don't have time to swatch during the day. They are also almost always color corrected but only to get as close as possible to real life, I don't "enhance" my swatches, good lighting is all it takes ;-)

Because I spend the few spare time I have swatching and publishing posts, I just can't respond to blog awards or tags, please don't be offended, it's just technically impossible for me to do it and offer good content at the same time.

I'd love to hear anything you have to tell me, feel free to either comment or drop me an email, you can get my info in the "Contact" page

Thank you for visiting my blog!