Chanel Black Pearl Giveaway Winner !!!

Hi everyone,

First I'd like to thank you all for participating, I really wish you could all win...
I won't keep you waiting, I used to pick one lucky winner :

Kstil, I'm very happy for you, I've just sent you an email, you have until wednesday to write me back.
I really hope the rest of you aren't too disappointed...
And because I just couldn't write a post without a picture :

I wouldn't call my Chanel np collection big, but I guess it's not small either, especially considering I bought the first one 5 months ago.
Anyway, if you have some swatching request, please don't hesitate.
Again, congrats Kstil and good luck to everyone for the AA giveaway!!!


  1. Congrats to the winner! :)

    And woooooow what a collection of Chanel's np - BIIG collection. Ö I don't have any of them, they're quite expensive for my wallet. :D Now I'm wondering how many np you have. :D

  2. félicitations à l'heureuse gagnante de ce giveaway !
    ta collection de Chanel est impressionnante, tu mérites tout mon respect !!!
    merci encore pour ce giveaway :-)
    bon dimanche et ne veille pas trop tard :-p
    bizoux ensoleillés ^_^

  3. Trust me, that is one BIG Chanel collection! WOW! I don't own any Chanel polishes... BUT! Someday soon, I'm pretty sure I will. Lol. Are Chanel polishes worth the extra money?


  4. @Ivana I can't bring myself to count them...

  5. congrats winner!!!

    and wow Sam...that`s a massive impressive amount ;)I still have a huge lemming for 450...hmmm think I`m going for a little hunt on Ebay after seeing your collection!

  6. omg sooo jealous at your collection! considering you have to pay so much for just one bottle of chanel, this collection is huuuge! <33

  7. Waouw !!!! It's amazing !!! I'm so jealous... I want the same collection !
    And congrats to the winner !

  8. @Lindsay M. B. @Martje @Lois @Eug�nie Thanks girls... There are some that I really love like kaleidoscope, silver, illusion d'or, the khakis,... but some are very dupable like the reds or the pinks ones.
    I'm still working on finding old bottles or limited editions tough.

  9. OMG i love your Chanel np collection. it made me drool a little hahahaha

  10. definitely not a small collection ;) looks amazing

  11. I love your's just something about those bottles I adore :)

  12. Love your collection but I can't seem to identify the purple one on the bottom left, could you please tell me its name, looks so pretty ^^

    Thank you!

  13. @Jywoi That's Lilac Sky, I'll be including it in a comparison review very soon, I have it on my desk right now LOL.