H&M Spring 2011 vs Chanel Swatches and Comparison

I thought I'd give you all a break from all the holo reviews lately, you might not all enjoy them as much as I do, so this post is a total change of subject ;-)

The more I try H&M nail polishes, the more I like them!
They've been doing nice and trendy colors lately and their formula doesn't disappoint.
I already reviewed Peppermint Fusion and Going Bananas and today I have 2 new ones to show you : Hunt Me Down and Temptress.

Hunt me Down is an amazing creme cool toned military green, it's almost a one coater and application was dreamy. I also found it very complimenting on me but I can definitely see it working for a great variety of skin tones.

H&M Hunt Me Down
H&M Hunt Me Down
with topcoat

Of course, I had to show you how it compares to Chanel Khaki Vert!
I found that they were very close, Hunt Me Down being a tad cooler, dustier and Khaki Vert warmer, brighter. As much as I looove Khaki Vert, I couldn't say that I prefer it over Hunt Me Down, that is to say how much I find it amazing.

H&M Hunt Me Down vs Chanel Khaki Vert
H&M Hunt Me Down on index and ring finger
Chanel Khaki Vert on middle finger

Temptress is a very nice warm vivid lavender shimmer with fine silver particles. It seems like those shimmery pastel purples are "in" right now... 
No exception here, application was flawless, in two easy coats. The only issue was trying to get the pictures color accurate, you know purples, right? So please try and imagine them just a bit warmer.

H&M Temptress
H&M Temptress

Again, this nail polish reminded me of another Chanel from my collection, Lilac Sky, but also of Nars Pokerface, both warm shimmery lavenders. Somehow Temptress falls somewhere between those two but the amount of silver shimmer is significantly more important in them.
If I had to pick just one, it would definitely be Temptress, the color tone is perfect for me and the fine shimmer adds shine and depth without leaving brushstokes, even in direct lighting.

From left to right :
H&M Temptress, Chanel Lilac Sky, Nars Pokerface
From top to bottom :
Chanel Lilac Sky
H&M Temptress
Nars Pokerface

Well, I don't know about you but I normally wouldn't expect such nice colors and formula from non "nail polish brands" so I'm really happy that H&M keeps expanding its horizons in the matter, especially if it's to come up with expensive brands alternatives (Ru$h, if you're reading this post, I hope you enjoyed it!!!).


  1. I was pretty impressed by H&M polishes. I have Bella's Choice, Envy Me and No Mambo Jambo and they're all one coaters (but I always wear two to be sure).
    Temptress is a really pretty color. I will have to see if my local H&M has this one ;)

  2. @Honey_lili Me too! But I use a ridge filling basecoat so 2 coats is a must or I can't have a enough thickness, the basecoat eats it all, LOL.
    You could also pick Blue My Mind if you find it, you won't be disappointed!

  3. the h&m colors you review are so beautiful. are you in the US? if so, how do you get all these polishes like h&m, mimosa, and rock coat??

  4. Why a three fingers hand? Better for self sexy time?

    ♥ beautybash.net

  5. i love temptress, and you are right I didn't expect these H&M polishes to be any good.

  6. I have "hunt me down" on my fingernails right now, and I love it! I will definately by more from H&M, I was surprised how good they are :-)

  7. @Valerie You can definitely find these in the US but all H&M do not carry cosmetics, follow this link http://www.hm.com/us/storelocator__storelocatorhtml.nhtml
    then once you have the stores near your area listed, click on "Ladies" and if you see cosmetics then they have the nail polishes.
    As for Rock Coat, you can find it at Dior.com online shopping or anywhere Dior cosmetics are sold, it's not exclusive.
    For Mimosa, you'll have to wait a bit longer, it's not sold yet and I have no official info as for release.
    Hope this helps.

    @Anonymous LMAO, Do you really expect an answer? I believe that makes me just like Michelle from All Lacquered Up regarding the 3 fingers swatches!!!

    xoxo girls.

  8. olá,sou do brasil,estou te seguindo,me segue,gostei muito do seu blog,esses esmaltes aqui no brasil não tem,saõ lindos

  9. Thanks for the advice but I totally forgot that my sis (who's a nail junkie too !) bought Blue My Mind a few weeks ago ! hehehe I'll have to try it, it looks so pretty.

  10. oh my god. i was going throught ur old posts and only NOW saw my name in it!!! thank you so much, i actually baught these two(and more) from h and m and i LOVE them all :D