Essie Your Hut or Mine quick comparison

Solveig from Nailin' It asked me yesterday how Essie Your Hut or Mine compared to Chanel Morning Rose. Of course they are completely different in terms of shimmer : big and sparse irregularly shaped shimmer flecks for Morning Rose and fine regular shimmer for the Your Hut or Mine, but, if you only consider base colors, online swatches can me misleading  so I decided to  post a quick wheel comparison.
I also included OPI My address is "Hollywood", from the upcoming Touring America collection, which is the closest polish I could find in my stash.

From left to right :
Chanel Morning Rose
Essie Your Hut or Mine
Opi My address is "Hollywood"

As you can see Morning Rose is much lighter. The other two are close, even closer in real life, but not dupes, My address is "Hollywood" has a slightly bluer base than Your Hut or Mine. I'd say that they would most certainly look identical to the muggle eye.
I hope this helps!


  1. My Address is Hollywood is deff on my list now! Thanks!

  2. Awesome, thank you! This is really helpful. :)

  3. Can't wait to get Morning Rose in the mail! And wearing it on a sunny day :)

  4. I do love this Essie!
    Wow! Nice!
    Thank you!!

  5. Oh man, Morning Rose looks so nice and demure compared to those other two. I'm torn all over again!

  6. Essie's Super Bossa Nova and Opi's Be a Dahlia won't you seem almost indentical, I can't make up my mind which one to get, any suggestion? Thanks!

  7. @Anonymous If you like both, maybe you could consider going for the brand that gives you the best wear. Now, if you're really undecided, I can only speak for myself but I prefer the true shimmer finish of Super Bossa Nova over the foily finish of Be a Dahlia.
    I hope this helps,

  8. I love that you use the word 'muggle'! In your world is that non-polish addicts?