Color Club Backstage Pass Collection Swatches and Review

Color Club has treated us with a few new collections for the Holiday this year and Backstage Pass is definitely what I would call festive! Glitters!!! 6 of them!!!
Glitters have made a huge come back this season and you won't hear me complain so I have decided to literally spam this post with pictures.
I layered all of the plishes (but one) over black to really show the different colors and sizes of glitter.

Platinum record
small, medium and big flat hex silver glitter in a clear base
I looove it, a perfect new year's eve glitter

It's a Hit
"curved" mauve medium and large hex glitter in a clear base
the large sparse particles makes it a "grown-up" glitter

Backstage Pass
mix of curved silver, mauve and fuschia hex glitter in different sizes in a clear base
one of my favorites! I'm in love with the fuschia glitter

Wish Upon a Rock-Star
small silver, gold, green, blue and red flat hex glitters mixed with curved medium mauve hex
I'm not really into this one, I don't get what the big glitters have to do with the rest

Take the Stage
small gold hex glitter and irregular rainbow flecks in a clear base
very festive, the flecks definitely add an extra sparkle

Fame & Fortune
irregularly shaped rainbow flecks in a hot pink jelly
the only one buildable to semi-opacity

I used one coat of polish for all the swatches expect for Fame & Fortune where I used 2. I found them rather easy to work with and not too thick. I did have to "dab" some of the big glitter particles to place them on the nail but it was no trouble at all.
I didn't really manage to achieve an even base color with Fame & Fortune so I think this one might require an extra care during application or better yet a layering polish to match it with.
I ended up really liking this collection more than I thought I would and would definitely recommand them!

Color Club is a nail polish brand developed by Forsythe Cosmetic Group.  Founded in 1979, the Forsythe Cosmetic Group is a New York-based cosmetic company widely regarded worldwide as a pioneer within the professional beauty industry. A global brand with products represented in more than 95 countries, Forsythe was one of the first companies to recognize and address the needs of the professional nail salon, a new phenomenon at the time. Rather quickly, the Forsythe name became synonymous with excellent, performance-proven products available in a diverse range of eye-catching shades. Today, more than three decades later, the Forsythe Cosmetic Group remains a vanguard in the beauty business by constantly introducing new concepts and elevating industry standards. Forsythe manufactures every product it offers, a practice that ensures superior color-matching quality control and the ability to respond quickly to consumer demands for the latest and most exciting trends in nail color, nail treatments and lip color. Color Club products are available at
*these products were provided to me by the manufacturer or their PR company*


  1. Fame & Fortune was the only one i got from this collection, and i LOVED IT!

  2. A gold and silver combo of the "thicker" sparkles would be amazing for new years! these are awesome!

  3. Totally do want Fame & Fortune...

  4. Your nail pictures are the most amazing thing I have ever seen.

    Where did you get this collection from? I really want it but can't ever find it...

  5. Oh my god - Platinum Record and Fame and Fortune - amazing!

    Beautiful swatches :)

  6. Wow, the size of the glitter in these is huge! It looks awesome, though. Was it hard to get off like a regular glitter polish?

  7. i can't believe how good your swatches are! Lovely as always. one quick question, i heard these glitters tend to curl, did you notice this? it's weird cause they look pretty flat in the swatches.

  8. Your swatches look amazing as usual, but I'm gonna skip this whole collection, except for maybe the rainbow glitter.
    All the other ones are too chunky and seem like they'd be hard to apply, and since I suck at applying polish in general, I'm just not even gonna go there lol.

  9. THESE ARE AMAZING. Such wonderful reviews!

  10. I still have Fame&Fortune and Platinum record in my stash of untrieds, and this post makes me even more eager to try them. :D

  11. ¡Qué maravilla! No sé cuál me gusta más...


  12. Love your swatches! I reckon that they would look even better matte :)

  13. so nice i like it is great collection i like to have by my self can i.....

  14. Your swatches are always so stunning! <3 The first two polishes are just.. WOW!

  15. Gooooooooooooorgeous! Muito lindos!!! kisses from Brazil! =*******

  16. Il sont tous très beau !!!
    Désolé de répondre en français !

  17. @Bookworm Nails it was sent to me for review, as stated in the post but you can find find it at your local Color Club retailer or online. xx

  18. @olgiepolgie I found the one with big curved glitter easier to remove than regular small ones. Hope this helps!

  19. @Parisa they don't really tend to curl, they are "curved" as in tri-dimensional, so sparkly!

  20. I've seen several other posts on this collection, and none of them did it justice until this one. You applied these perfectly to show off what the collection SHOULD look like (I think!). Great work! I may actually give these a look now :)

  21. Over black, Platinum Record looks a lot like Metallic 4 Life from the OPI Nicki Minaj collection, only with a lot less glitter.
    Love your swatches, as always.