Lancome Golden Hat Foundation collection swatches and review

This Holiday, Kate Winslet along with the Golden Hat Foundation have teamed up with Lancome to create a beautiful make-up collection and help raise awareness on Autism.

Today I have 4 of their nail polish line for review

26 Joy Candle
deliciously creamy antique rose

27 Christmas Rose
cheerful medium pink leaning bubblegum

28 Candy Cane
beautiful coral pink, darker than Christmas Rose

102 Rouge Madeleine
bright red jelly, perfect for the season

All four of these polishes applied like butter with a seriously flawless formula. Joy Candle, Christmas Rose and  Candy Cane, the pinks cremes, required 2 coats and Rouge Madeleine, the red jelly was almost a one coater.

Overall :
I really like this collection and of course considering the cause they represent, I can overlook that it's all pinks and reds. We all know that these are still the most selling shades and isn't it the goal of fundraising to touch as many people as possible? In conclusion, if you love pink and red, you will not be disappointed.
The Golden Hat Collection also includes a glitter 003 that I couldn't find anywhere but I believe that it's "just" a re-edition of Lancome BB Sand.

The Golden Hat Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to eliminating barriers for people with autism around the world, and creating an environment that holds these individuals as intellectually capable.
The mission of the Golden Hat Foundation is the establishment of innovative campuses that offer people with autism the opportunity to learn to communicate effectively, receive an education, job training and enjoy recreational activities, all within a supportive social network.
When given a suitable education and the means to communicate effectively, people with autism can truly realize their dreams.
For more information, please visit

Lancome products can be purchased at your local beauty counter or online on : in France or in the UK and in the US.
The Golden Hat collection is already available and the nail polishes retail for 16.60€ / £15 / $15 (6ml / 2oz)

*102 was purchased by me, the other products were provided to me by the manufacturer or their PR company*


  1. Autism and Kate Winslet? I think I'll have to look for at least one of these shades! Good to know they have great formulas for I'm terrible with cremes in general :p

  2. My favourite look is actually when you're wearing all four of them at the same time. The colours fit perfectly, it almost looks like an ombre manicure.

  3. I'm also digging the shots with all four colours on your nails! Those are some awesome, vibrant shades!

  4. They are all so gorgeous! And I love how worn together, they make the perfect skittles mani.

  5. Beautiful swatches - your application is perfect!

  6. Really lovely shades! I love seeing them all together - they make a wonderful gradient skittle mani! <3

  7. Bad, bad, bad enabler you are!!! ;-) You are making me want them ALLLLLLLL!!! There is nothing in this post that makes me NOT want me. And I totally agree with @Ulmiel, @Lindsey R, @alison*elle, and @I Drink Nail Polish, the "ombre" is PERFECT!!!

    The only thing withholding me is the fast they're mini's :-(

  8. omg! you have so beautiful nails! I'm jealous :D

  9. wow.. the formula looks really good.

    and i like the gradient in the first and last picture. i should wear my nails like that.

  10. Love them !


  11. That last red is gorgeous! I love reds like that!

  12. These look so ordinary, but are so special! I love Joy Candle! <3

  13. So pretty. It's one of those collections where I can't quite tell if I have dupes!

  14. I absolutely LOVE the look of Christmas Rose and Candy Cane! I love pink anyway--and Kate Winslet--and our dear friend's daughter has Asperger's. Definitely a polish I will feel good about purchasing!

    Beautiful swatches!

  15. Hello, I've just started reading your blog and your nails are very nice! Especially in this post, they are impeccable!

  16. I just can't figure it out, is your top coat really that shiny or camera settings make this? Any way, it is wonderful ombre manicure and Joy Candle is so sweet looking :)

  17. I've never paid a lot of attention to Lancome polishes, but these are beautiful. I can't decide which I like more: Christmas Rose or Candy Cane. I love that these are for a good cause.

  18. I love n.26 Joy Candle
    ps: Happy new year;)