Nails Inc the Serena Gossip Girl Collection Swatches and Review

Week end is over and with it, the Nails Inc Gossip Girl collection review. The Serena set is the third and last set from this collection.

Serena is a pure black creme. There's nothing much to say about it except that it's a 2 coater, applies easily and dries to a super glossy finish.

It Girl is an electric blue to blurple flakie topcoat. It's not as "dramatic" as the other flakies of the collection and I could totally see it working over blue for a subtle, matching look, although I really like it over black too.  Once again, I only used one coat of flakie, to allow you to compare how dense they all are.

That's it for today, there was more pictures than talking, I hope you'll forgive me ;-)
For the cheaper alternative, go for the Nails Inc "Old Vic" Collection at Sephora in the US, retail price $20.
Have a great week!


  1. I really like the smaller particles in this flakie, it looks really pretty.

  2. fabulosity to the max!!!! love this look! really really pretty and absolute perfection on the application!

  3. No problem for me, sometimes pictures show us more than 100 words.
    I love the combination.
    Have a nice day ;o)


  4. Looks fab! Thanks for sharing love love the glitter polishes in these collections xx

  5. What a wonderful glaze. I love it.
    Too bad we do not find that here in Brazil. What if I find it is very expensive. = (
    I loved this blog. It has wonderful photos of beautiful glazes.
    Sorry if English is not good. I used google's translator. Still do not know how to write well in English.

  6. Its super pretty look, and that black has such a finish its beautiful but not sure if ill be buying it. Mostly cus nails inc is so incredibly expensive here haha:D Looks great on!

  7. Black and blue, my favourite combination, beautiful!!! :)