Nars Manosque Swatches and Review

A couple of weeks ago when I posted Nars Night Clubbing, I promised I'd also post Manosque but one thing leading to another, it completely slipped my mind...

Manosque is a beautiful dark greyed out purple creme. It's very close to Essie Smokin Hot or Models Own Purple Grey so it definitely isn't the most original color ever but it does look amazing anyway. I used 2 coats (plus topcoat) here but depending on your application technique you might need a third one.

Overall :
I'm a 100% fan of dusty purples so of course I love Manosque but for the price tag, I can't help but think it should have been a one coater or at least much more opaque.

Manosque is available on and retails for $18.


  1. Really pretty. I don't own a single color like this one.

  2. Gorgeous! I love Essie Smokin Hot, so it's not surprising that I love this!

  3. Hi Sam, this one is really awesome! I love this kind of colour, super classy, but not boring. Another one for the whishlist :) Bisous

  4. Ooooh. I want this. Badly. (*pause to add to wish list*)

    I absolutely love dusty purples too, and this is so much deeper and richer than any I've seen yet. I might look for the Essie you mentioned first, considering the price tag, but the colour is just gorgeous.

  5. Oh my fuck goooood !
    (sorry for the language ^^)