Born Pretty Store Nail art Pots Review

I don't really post nail art that often and truth is, with a very serious job, there are very few nail art looks that I'd actually wear on a daily basis but Born Pretty Store carries so many amazing supplies that I couldn't not make an exception!

Here are the looks that I created :

Apple Shiny Tiny Glitter Powder Sheets
silver metallic apple sheets

12 Colors 3D Steel Ball Glitter
loose microbead pots in assorted colors

Heart Shiny Tiny Glitter Powder Sheets
opalescent heart shaped plastic sheets

Nail Art Glitter Dust Powder Noble Silver Sheet
small holographic hex glitter

Overall :
I really like the apple and heart shaped glitter although they tend to stick a bit too much out of the nail for my taste but what I really love is the hex glitter and microbeads.
Bonus : these pots hold a lot of glitter!!!

Product information :

Don't forget to enter S10X31 during checkout for 10% off discount, valid until Sep13th, free worldwide shipping.

*products provided for review*


  1. I love the "caviar" mani and the hex mani too. Did the little beads stick well or fall off easily?

    xo, alison*elle

  2. @alison*elle they do stick really well but you have to use a "thick" topcoat like Seche Vite for example. You also have to wrap your tips to protect your manicure. That should be enough to keep it for a couple of days. xx

  3. What color is the purple Essie?

  4. Your nails are absolutely beautyful!
    I love this blog.


  5. Thank you! It looks so much better here than in other swatches I've seen :)

  6. Wow. These look really good. Love the one with the little dots.

  7. I really like the heart mani. Was the base Essie Da Brush?

  8. It all looks so pretty, you are the best! :)

  9. I love all your manis!
    So great!
    My favourite is the caviar one!

  10. I love the fish egg accent nail, it looks so neat and densely packed with the microbeads without going overboard (the thing that has always put me off of lots of fish egg manis out there)! What is the name of the Essie polish you're using here? Can't recognize it :(