New Chromatic pigments Swatches & Review partII

Today I have a few more duo/multi chromatic pigments to share with you girls. I can't think of a better way to end the week!
If you've missed on the first part of the review, just follow this link.

I received the pigments in small ziploc bags. They all contained 1g of powder and I used a small amount of that in 5ml / 0.16oz clear nail polish bottles. I believe you should be able to make 3 to 4 full sized bottles of polish, maybe more depending on how much shimmer you'd want in your polish.
1 coat over black in all of these swatches, no topcoat.

fine green to purple shimmer

fine blue to purple shimmer

coarse aqua to purple shimmer

coarse aqua to burple shimmer

coarse magenta to green and gold shimmer

Overall :
I don't think I could express how much I love Anna's pigments. They're all pretty amazing in their own way although I must confess that the blue ones always steal my heart away.
They are no hassle at all even if you're not an experienced frankener and offer so many possibilities.

These pigments can be purchased from Anna's eBay store AnnasArtAsylum (worldwide shipping, low rates) and you can pick your 5 favorites for $25.
Anna also carries Spectraflair in all 3 grades (fine, medium and coarse) so be prepared for some brand new holo posts with the next sunny days!
*products provided for review*