Aphrodite Lacquers Un Printemps à Paris

If you're not familiar with Aphrodite Lacquers, now's the perfect occasion to get a glimpse into the sparkly and colorful world Rebecca has envisioned.

The Printemps à Paris collection is a set of 7 pastel based glitters that simply breathes tenderness.

Nuages (Clouds)
milky base, turquoise shimmer and silver & turquoise hex glitters

Papillon (Butterfly)
Pastel mauve base, purple shimmer and 2 tones of purple hex glitters

La Pluie (The Rain)
Pastel blue base, blue shimmer and silver & blue hex glitters

Terre (Earth)
Pastel green base, green shimmer and yellow & green hex glitters

Soleil (Sun)
Milky pink base, pink shimmer and red & pink hex glitters

Fleurir (To Blossom)
Bubblegum pink base, pink shimmer and 3 tones of pink hex glitters

Fête Champêtre (Garden Party)
Milky mauve base, pink shimmer and multicolored hex glitters

Overall :
I love this collection!
Each and every glitter blend was carefully selected to match the base color and result in a soft, delicate and tender look. I used 3 thin coats (plus topcoat) in all of my swatches but (except for Papillon) the glitter payoff was so nice that I'm pretty sure a single coat over a base color would do the trick ;-)

Aphrodite Lacquers can be purchased on Rebecca's Etsy Store and retail for $8 each (15ml / 0.5fl.oz)
For more information and updates, please refer to Aphrodite Lacquer on Facebook.

*products provided for review*


  1. I love the last one! So pretty and unique!

  2. Oh these are all so pretty and soft. I love Cloud.

  3. These are very unique! I love the milky base. La Pluie, Nuages, and Fête Champêtre are my favorites!

  4. Just wanted to say that I think the way you use the polish color as a background for the name text on the photo is a very pretty touch. :)

  5. Pretty! I especially love Nuages.