Tweezerman Cynthia Rowley Limited Edition Designer Series Collection

For their fourth year running the Limited Edition Designer Series Collection, Tweezerman has teamed up with Cynthia Rowley to create a colorful chic line with sporty and graphic prints.
Sold exclusively at Sephora, the collection consists of the original, award- winning Slant for expert brow shaping in light or dark blue (shown here) as well as the famous Mini Slant Tweezer and the Filemate Nail File both in Signature Red.
Slant Tweezer ($25)
Filemate Nail File ($5)
Overall :
I love the colorful patterns, they make an amazing alternative to the Tweezerman classic line. As for their quality, if you've never tried the brand before, be warned there's no turning back!
*products provided for review*


  1. From what I read on the brand over the last few months Tweezerman seems to be the way to go! Never tried them and only saw them in one small store some months back and never found them again...I shy away because of the price too, but darn, it's tempting!

  2. I've been willing to try this brand for quite a while now, and now I'm even more tempted!! Thank you for this post!!

  3. Oh, I love that pattern! I bought tweezers for my man-friend as a present last year, and had to go with the plain ones since all the patterns were too girly... I like that this design is much more unisex.