Lacquer Lust picture SPAM!!!

Among the things that can instantly lift my spirit on a blue day, is nail polish. Of course. But if that polish holds a sentimental value, isn't that even better?

I am totally in love with Jo's indie brand Lacquer Lust! Jo is very active on Instagram and regularly shares her new creations with us, I can't even tell you how many times I've literally drooled over my phone seeing them!

Today I have a whole bunch of Lacquer Lusts to share with you. Lemming alert!

First up, 3 shades from the "Care a Lot" collection, inspired by The Care Bears :

Carebear Stare is a white jelly base combined with a tender mix of pastel glitters : squares, hexes and micro glitters in a rainbow of yellow, blue, green and of course pink. It's absolutely stunning in person and I'm not even into pastels! I used 2 thin coats over white plus topcoat and had to place some of the glitters but formula was kind of nice for a white based glitter.

Little Miss Funshine is another white jelly, this time infused with different sizes of yellow gold glitter shreds. Looking at it, I can't help but think how come no one has made this before? It looks perfectly balanced and I don't know... Just right! Does that even make sense? Anyway, fomula was very similar to Carebear Stare and I used 2 thin coats over white in these swatches.


Sweet Dreams are made of these is a dense mix of blue, aqua, green and cool holographic gold glitters in a midnight blue jelly. The blue base it to die for and the amount of glitter allows perfect and effortless distribution on the nails. I LOVE this blue! This is 2 coats on its own plus topcoat.


And now, 3 holos!
*Parental Advisory! Explicit Polishes* haha

Butt Bottie Naked is a glossy nude linear holo. It makes me think of a holo-fied version of the cultastic Rescue Beauty Lounge Grunge. The effect is subtle but still very noticeable and definitely linear! You will hear this a lot in this review but I love it! You're looking at 2 even, self-leveling, non-patchy, coats plus topcoat.

#nailpolishwhore is a dark raisin holo. The base color itself is beautiful and although the holo effect is more faint in this one, it still adds a little something to the polish. A gorgeous little something! Formula was pure perfection, even and highly pigmented, even on the first coat. The second coat only added more color saturation. 2 coats plus topcoat here.

I'm sure you want another pic, don't you?

Pow Chica Wow Wow is an EPIC dark blue holo. If, like me, you missed on OPI DS Glamour, this will satiate your lemming : a tad lighter but much stronger! Glamour could almost pale in comparison. I warned you : I love this one. Actually, that would be much more than love, it's become one of my favorite holos ever. Formula and application couldn't be any better : glossy, even, manageable and almost a one coater. This is 2 coats plus topcoat.

Ok, ok... Here's one more picture ;-)

And finally, I have 2 blacks for you :

Death by Cupid’s Arrow is a black based jelly packed with tons of red glitters, small and medium hexes, as well as a gold shimmer and what I think is a pink iridescence. I'm a big sucker of black based glitters so it feels like this one was made for me! I used 1 coat over a black creme and I couldn't describe you how much it has enlightened the black underneath! Super sexy!

Sex in Sin City is another black based jelly but full of rainbow squares and hexes this time. I've heard someone ask for a black rainbow glitter very recently (I think it was Salla from OMG! Polish 'em!) and this might very well be just what she wanted. Well it's just what "I" would want! I also used one coat over a black creme here and it required a little bit of fishing/dabbing but so worth it IMO.

There's probably no need for me to tell you once again how excited I am about Lacquer Lust so Id rather YOU told me what you think!

Lacquer Lust is available on Big Cartel and retails from $7.50 to $12.50 each depending on the shades (holos are more expensive due to costly ingredients).
The shop should be restocked very soon but I strongly encourage you to follow Jo on Facebook and Instagram to be informed on new collections as well as exact restocks dates.

*products provided for review*


  1. All of these are beautiful! I can't pick a favorite!

  2. I kept scrolling down going, I love this one! No, this one is better! No, this one is best! It's hard to pick a favorite - these are all so lovely! I often find indie polishes too glitter heavy, but all of these are just perfect.

  3. je les adore tous, ils sont tous beaux - c'est très jolies

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the 3 holos, they're super cute!! :))

  5. I need Butt Bottie Naked! Perfect!

  6. This is an amazing group of polishes! I am LOVING that nude holo and Carebear Stare!

  7. I need Carebear Stare, Butt Bottie Naked, and Death by Cupid's Arrow!!!

  8. These are great ☼ I especially adore "butt bootie"

  9. where can you buy these? they are all sold out on the big car site!

  10. @Anonymous Jo restocks the store vey often! Just follow her on Facebook or Instagram to make sure not to miss the info ;-)