Ozotic Beam Collection Review

Hi girls, I hope you've all had a great weekend! 

I had a lot on my plate, mostly work stuff but I also got behing on blogging because my laptop crashed this week :O Thankfully my husband was able to recover my entire swatch folder but I basically lost everything else and spent the weekend working on computer suff *cries*

Anyway... Today I have the Ozotic Beam collection to share with you!

The Beam collection is a set of four clear based shimmer sparkles. I mainly see blue, pink and gold particles and they all seem to be combos of these 4 colors. I used one coat over black in all of the swatches below and they all applied evenly and effortlessly. 

Ozotic Beam 905
multicolored sparkle in a clear base (blue, pink and green)
1 coat over black

Ozotic Beam 906
blue and pink sparkle in a clear base
1 coat over black

Ozotic Beam 907 (limited edition)
blue and green sparkle in a clear base
1 coat over black

Ozotic Beam 908
pink and green sparkle in a clear base
1 coat over black

I absolutely love 905 and 907 but I think that they all make really nice toppers, especially with such an intense sparkle! Oh and they are much more vibrant in real life 

The Ozotic Beam collection retails for AU$12 each and can be purchased directly from piCture pOlish.com.au or through their international network.

For more information, please refer to piCture pOlish.com.au or piCture pOlish on Twitter Facebook.
I can't wait to hear your thoughts on these! Did you already grab any of the Beams?

*products provided for review*


  1. This is quite lovely! :D

  2. i love how its all magical. like, it looks the same but it changes color when its outta the bottle.

  3. Same principle as CND effects ! I like it, a simple way to change the look of the manicure without taking it off !

  4. 907 is my favorite. but i love them all! ;)

  5. These are seriously amazing. I thought they were all the same polish when I looked at the bottles but they really do transform dark colors.