Ozotic 700 series Abstract nail art tutorial

Hi girls!

You asked for it so here it is, my Abstract nail art tutorial.
This is a first so I really hope you'll like it! ;-)

In case you've missed yesterday's post, please click on the image below.

So to realize this look, I used :

black nail polish
the Ozotic 700 series
a fan nail art brush
a small sheet of paper 

Step by step :

apply basecoat 
apply one or two coats of black nail polish
add small strokes of shimmer, one shade after the other
finish with topcoat

It really couldn't be any easier but if you ever make a mistake, just cover it with black using the fan nail art brush, no mess guaranteed!

Just for fun, here's what my sheet of paper looked like afterwards. Did I say no mess? Yeah I probably did hehe

Well that's it for today. 
You might have noticed that I've been doing more nail art lately, I really hope you're enjoying them, in which case please let me know if you'd like to see more tutorials in the future ^_^

Ozotic 700 provided for review
A England Camelot and supplies purchased by me