Two weeks of Colors by llarowe : Runt!

Another holo in my Two weeks of Colors by llarowe series today!

Runt is an apricot pink holo with a strong linear effect. Simply gorgeous! I think this pretty much says it all haha. Application couldn't have been easier and I used two even coats for complete coverage in the swatches below.

A really quick thing I forgot to mention in my previous posts since I was asked in the comments : I'm not holding any bottle in all of my Colors by llarowe because I received sample bottles that look nothing like the ones you'd get if you ordered them and it could have been misleading to snap them ;-)

So what do you think about this one? I might me holo-biased but I LOVE it!!!

Colors by llarowe launched today on There are a few shades still available but for the OOS ones, another restock is scheduled in a few hours, at 7:00pm MDT.

I strongly encourage you to subscribe to the llarowe's newsletter to be notified on all restocks. 

*products provided for review*


  1. This is so unique and utterly beautiful!

  2. I need this! <3 it's beautiful!

  3. Dispite of it's pink color I loveee it! I guess it's the holo. ;-)

  4. Wow! Very beautiful nailpolish. Where did you buy that?

  5. Gorgeous Pink Holo! reminds me a little piglet, do you think that's where the name came from? And I love your nails, as always a beautiful mani.