Zoya Stunning and Irresistible Skittles!

Hi girls! I have a very easy nail art to share with you today but one that I LOVED wearing!

To create this look I used the same technique as in my Pixie Dust Fire Gradient (link) :
I applied a very small drop of polish near my cuticles, completely wiped off the brush and then gently dragged the polish, brushing it down irregularly and linearly. I'm not sure it makes much sense LOL so I'll probably soon share a more contrasting mani like the black and nude one I posted on Instagram a couple of weeks ago ;-)

Here are the colors I used :
index : Zoya Yana + Bobbi
middle : Zoya Micky + Tinsley
ring : Zoya Thandie + Amy
pinkie : Zoya Darcy + Kerry

Well I hope you liked this quick post. Thanks for looking girls!