KBShimmer Watercolor, Elle, Clown Puke and Radioactive!

Happy Saturday girls! How's your weekend so far?
Mine was pretty busy, I spent my day moving nail polish from one pile to another lol, I've come to the conclusion that I desperately need a new Alex, the husband will certainly not be happy about that...

Sooo... I have 4 KBShimmers to show you today! Christy included a couple of extras when she sent me her Fall collection and of course I had to share them asap!
I mean, who doesn't love KBShimmer reviews? Crazy people? *inserts awkward movie reference* The first to comment with the name of the movie wins a bottle of polish ;-)

Watercolor is a medium blue with a mix of blue, purple, pink, red and holographic silver hex glitters, both small and medium sizes. The colors all go really well together and I would definitely see myself wearing it all year round. Formula was highly pigmented, which I didn't expect from a semi-jelly, making it an easy 2 coater.

Elle is a pastel grey jelly with a taupe tint that's loaded with pink, white and silver holo glitters. I believe this is one of the most popular KBShimmer colors and I can easily understand why, it's just SO pretty! This one was a true jelly, way less pigmented than Watercolor, so if you'd like to wear it without undies like I did here, 3 thin coats will be necessary to reach complete coverage.

Clown Puke is a multicolored glitter bomb. I didn't really know what to expect, there are so many "circus" glitters available now... But I must say that I was totally impressed : excellent glitter pay-off, thin base and most importantly gorgeous glitter mix! I used one (dabbed) coat over black in my swatches here. Oh and yes, there are some heart glitters and even large rounds in Clown Puke! And I didn't even fish them out, I had no idea they were there!

Radioactive is a glow-in-the-dark neon green filled with black glitters in different shapes and sizes : bars, shreds, hexes and squares. Application was tricky on this one : the base color was very thin and pigmented at the same time, the glitters kept sliding off the brush and the second coat of polish almost totally covered what was underneath. I only applied glitter with the 2nd coat and I'd recommend doing the same. 2 thin coats plus topcoat here, swatches under regular lighting and black light.

KBShimmer products can be found at KBShimmer.com.
For sales outside of the US visit HarlowandCo.org.

Oh and now might be a good time to remind you that the KBShimmer Fall collection is scheduled for tomorrow 1 PM EST! Check out my review here ;-)

Do you own any of these? What's you favorite KBShimmer ever?
Thanks for looking girls!


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