piCture pOlish pink Saran Wrap nails feat. Fairy Floss, Electric Dream & Shy Violet

How about something different for this week's piCture pOlish post?
I've been wanting to do a saran wrap manicure for quite some time now, no idea why it's actually taken me so long... But then it hit me! Fairy Floss, Electric Dream and Shy Violet would look perfect together!

I have 2 versions of this manicure to show you : matte and shiny.
I honestly couldn't tell which one I prefer but what I can say for sure is that I LOVE the effect!
Me loving pink? *shudders* LOL No seriously, I love it so much that as soon as I was finished swatching, I actually went ahead and applied a full mani. Rocking it for 3 days in a row now!

There are different ways to "saran wrap" your nails. I went for the "dip and dab" technique :

  • start with 2 coats of Fairy Floss
  • apply a couple of drops of Electric Dream over a sheet of paper 
  • dip your ball of saran wrap into the color
  • gently dab the saran wrap on your nails
  • repeat with Shy Violet
  • clean up the excess of polish on your skin and finish with topcoat

First pictures are topped with G'Day Matte, I added topcoat on the last ones.

I can't wait to hear your thoughts on this manicure! Thank you so much for looking and commenting girls 

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