Polished by KPT Fall collection!

Hi girls! How was your weekend? Mine has been really good, I'm having a well deserved lazy sunday after a really busy week that might or might not have involved nail polish hauling... Hush... Don't tell hubby hahaha

So today I have one of the hottest indie brands on Instagram right now to show you : Polished by KPT!


Blood as thick as Gold is a wine red (cold) to nude (hot) fading thermal loaded with gold shimmers and flakies. I absolutely love this one, it's beyond gorgeous! Formula was really nice and completely opaque by the second coat. 

Country Road  is a deep brown (cold) to bronze (hot) fading thermal with very strong copper/gold shimmers. A beautiful shade of brown, perfect for the season. I used 2 easy coats in my swatches below.

Harvest Moon is a burnt orange (cold) to cool toned almost-clear nude (warm) fading thermal with an extra scattered holo effect. Formula felt a bit gritty on this one but nothing an extra layer of topcoat wouldn't take care of. Coats used : 2.

La Catrina is a mesmerizing dark spring green (cold) to purple taupe (hot) with a strong pink shimmer. It"s one of my favorites from the entire collection, totally unique! Application was easy as a breeze, offering full coverage with 2 coats.

Nightcrawler is another beauty and a dark blue / purple duochrome (cold) to baby blue (hot) fading thermal with a strong blue shimmer. Please excuse the extra pictures but the entirely "cold" effect was too pretty not to capture on its own. I also used 2 coats here, nice and easy application.

Siren’s Song (Rainbow Connection UK exclusive) is a scattered holo turquoise (cold) to clear (hot) fading thermal packed with gree, turquoise and purple glitters. SO original and totally breathtaking! Formula was just as nice as the rest of the thermals and I used 2 coats as well.


Corrupted Soul is a pink / purple and blue glitter topper with extra silver and gold  holo pieces, in other words a glitter bomb! I used 1 good dabbed coat below.

Gloomy October is a pale lavender-grey crelly filled with red, purple and black medium glitters a well as small pink micro glitters. I found the larger pieces a bit sparse but still enough to avoid fishing/placing on the nails. Formula was surprisingly pigmented and completely opaque by the second coat.

Starry Night is a dark blue jelly filled with stars moons and other glitter shreds. It's a super fun polish and perfect for a "sandwiched" glitter look. I decided to swatch it on its own to see if it'd reach complete coverage and it totally did after 3 thin coats! Application was even enough so you could definitely layer it as well if you prefer.


Amor  is a hot coral-orange jelly with multicolored glitters and strong glow-in-the-dark pigments. If you've never tried glow-in-the-darks, you NEED to asap! I used 3 thin coats here because I wanted to avoid undies but it'd look great over white, which would also enhance the glow effect. Swatches under OTT and black light below but the effect is similar in the dark (just a PITA to photograph lol).

Overall : 
I love Kat's creations and her reputation is totally deserved : beautiful and unique polishes and with great application!

My top picks : Blood as thick as Gold, La Catrina, Nightcrawler, Amor and Siren’s Song. What' yours?

Polished by KPT can be pruchased on polishedbykpt.com (US) or via intl. stockists :

Prices vary from $9 to $14.

Make sure to follow Polished by KPT on Facebook and/or Instagram to be informed on new releases, promotions restocks ;-)


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