FUN Lacquer New Year & Love Collections for 2014!

Hi guys! I hope you've all had a great Holiday! Things have been slow here for once and we really took the time to relax and do nothing, together. Best Holiday ever haha!

So... I have the upcoming FUN Lacquer collections to show you today. I've already posted swatches of most on them on Instagram last week but they'll officially be up for sale in just a few days so I figured you might find the review useful ;-)

First up : the  New Year 2014 collection, a set of 6 caramel brown metallic shimmers with a both holo and duochrome!

Horse 2014
caramel brown holo with gold shimmer and a green duochrome
2 coats

Year of Prosperity
medium caramel brown holo with red shimmer and gold duochrome
2 coats

caramel brown holo with pink shimmer and gold duochrome
2 coats

Champagne Toast
caramel brown holo with chartreuse shimmer and blue duochrome
2 coats

caramel brown holo with green shimmer and blurple duochrome
2 coats

New Year Eve
caramel brown holo with blue shimmer and purple duochrome
2 coats

And now : the 2014 Love Collection, trio of bright fading thermal shimmers!

Be My Queen
turquoise fading thermal with turquoise and silver shimmers
2 coats

Purfect for Me
purple fading thermal with purple, blue and silver shimmers
2 coats

Secret Admirer
hot pink fading thermal with red, pink, gold and silver shimmers
2 coats

Overall :
Application was really nice on both collections, even and pigmented, opaque in 2 coats. I was seriously impressed with the Princess collection and these are just as awesome! I must admit that I was afraid the polishes New Years would all pretty much look the same in person but they don't, the shimmers and duochromes are subtle but strong enough to tell them apart on the nails. As for the thermals, they're drop dead gorgeous! Bold, strong and fast reacting, I love love love them!

My top picks : Horse 2014, Fireworks and all of the thermals!

FUN Lacquer is a 3 free Singapore based indie brand. Products retail for $13 (16.7ml) / $7.50 (7ml) and can be purchased directly on

The New Year & Love Collections will be available on January 2nd.


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