Foxy Paws Polish Review!

Hi guys! How was your weekend? Nothing special here, except lots of shopping and yummy food.
We baked Galette de Rois with the kids, if you've never heard or tried it, I highly recommend it, especially if you have little monsters like me. It's a sort of puff pie traditionally filled with sweet almond (but there are tons of variations) inside which you hide a small charm. Of course, the one who finds the charm in his/her slice gets crowned King/Queen, probably the part kids love the most LOL

Soooo... I have a few Foxy Paws Polish to show you today, nothing but holos!

Elegance is warm nude jelly with a medium linear holo. Formula was great, although a bit sheer, it looked perfect after 3 thin coats.

Before The Parade Passes By is a pastel blue jelly linear holo. Consistency was very similar to Elegance only more pigmented and required 2 coats for complete coverage.

Only Teardrops is an aqua holo with a metallic finish. The holo is more faint here but it's a really beautiful shade of blue. Easy application and zero brushstrokes, I used 2 coats.

I’m Blue is a saturated blue/blurple jelly with scattered holo. There's a lot of depth here, gorgeous color too. I used 2 coats plus topcoat below.

Girl On Fire is a rusty pink based orange metallic holo. The "flame" is definitely  stronger than Only Teardrops, I love it! You're also looking at 2 coats here.

Well Holo, Dolly! is a bright fuchsia with a really strong holo effect. I don't really believe in "the stronger the flame, the better" but dammit this one's fabulous!!! Perfect formula too and a 2 coats coverage.

And finally, Purple Rain is a warm based purple jelly with a linear holo effect. Very pretty and a nice  2 coater as well.

So what do you think about these? Which one's your favorite?
Mine are : Well Holo, Dolly! Girl On Fire and I’m Blue.

Foxy Paws Polish is a 3-Free indie brand from Denmark owned by the sweetest girl ever Charlotte.
Products retail for approximately $10-13 each and can be purchased form Foxy Fingertips (intl. shipping available).

You can follow Foxy Paws Polish on Facebook for restocks/releases/updates.


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