Dance Legend Anna Gorelova collection : Chudo-Udo, Vodyanoy and Zmei Gorinich

Happy weekend everyone!
I have some Dance Legend Anna Gorelova polishes to show you today! Three flakies : Chudo-Udo, Vodyanoy and Zmei Gorinich.

If you're unfamiliar with Anna, she's the biggest Ukrainian nail polish guru IMO and I'm always in awe of her beautiful pictures and flawless manicures. Here's a link to her blog.

Formula and application were really nice on all three shades. They looked good at 2 coats but I still has some VNL so I went for 3 coats.

Chudo-Udo is a deep royal purple packed with gold flakies. I love purples and this one's stunning!

Vodyanoy is a deep midnight blue with tons of blue flakies. This one has so much depth! I love it.

Zmei Gorinich is a jet black with a dense multicolored flakie mix, mainly blue, green and orange.

I remember when I first got into polish and used to pay absolutely no attention to flakies... I guess that changed now because I love these!

Well that's it for today. Thanks for looking and don't forget to let me know in the comments how you feel about them :D

Dance Legend is available for purchase on ($10 flat rate shipping worldwide or free over 10 bottles) or through international stockists worldwide (full list here, includes in the US).


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