FUN Lacquer Princess Collection 2.0 vs original release : comparisons!

Hi again! ^_^
For those of you who have read my FUN Lacquer Princess Collection 2.0 review today (link), I promised you comparisons with the original release so here we go :

All swatches below show the original 2013 Princess polishes on my ring finger and Princess 2.0 on the others.

Snow White : The difference is very subtle here. 2.0 is more holo but also more white in person.

Mulan : 2.0 is significantly lighter, 2013 warmer and less holo.

Belle : this year's version is slightly less gold and metallic but also more holo.

Pocahontas : very similar color-wise, the 2.0 version has a stronger flame.

Merida : the 2013 is lighter, more metallic and has a strong red flash.

Aurora : 2.0 is a tad darker, cooler and definitely more holo.

Rapunzel : 2.0 is way more vivid, warmer and holographic than 2013.

Cinderella : a subtle difference color-wise, 2013 is slightly greener. The holo on 2.0 is much stronger in person.

Jasmine : visibly more blue, dark and holographic for the 2.0 version. No metallic sheen either.

Ariel : these couldn't be any more different. 2.0 is dark, shimmery and linear, 2013 greener, metallic and scattered.

Tiana: again, super different. 2013 is more yellow and metallic, 2.0 is darker and shimmery.

Well, that's it for today! I hope you found these helpful :D
Don't forget to check my full FUN Lacquer Princess 2.0 review here for more information and product availability. Thanks for looking!


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