Takko Lacquer picture spam (and restock info!)

Hi guys!
Did you know about the Takko Lacquer restock today? Physical Graffiti and Jabberwocky (previously reviewed here) are launching on the Takko Lacquer store along with 2 new colors Maneater and Alchemist! A great occasion to share a few takkitos if you ask me ^_^

Curiouser & Curiouser is a minty blue infused with a bright green shimmer. It's very delicate but the shimmer enlightens the pastel base, love it! Great formula and an easy 2 to 3 coats coverage. Shown below : 2 coats plus topcoat.

Let Them Eat Cake* is a fun mix of different shapes and sizes of holographic gold, mint, aquamarine and baby blue glitters. Super sparkly! I especially love the contrast between the eye catching gold holo and the subdued pearly pieces. I used 1 dabbed coat over Curiouser & Curiouser plus topcoat.

Lavender Macaroon is a soft lavender pastel packed with white crystallized flakies. Another beautiful pastel, with a twist! Nice formula and application, 2 coats plus topcoat used here.

Chesire Cat is a vivid purple (cold) to pink (warm) thermal with a strong gold shimmer. A gorgeous polish with a strong and sensitive color shift, love it! Flawless application and a semi matte finish, I used 2 coats plus topcoat below.

Dreamcatcher is an emerald green to blue, deep purple and golden orange multichrome with an instense shift and a touch of linear holo. I used 2 coats for complete coverage, no layering over black necessary!

And finally Dark Paradise (llarowe exclusive) is a navy blue jelly packed with multicolored flakies, I love the contrast between the saturated flakies colors and the dark base. Shown below : 1 coat over dark blue, to save the preciousness ^_^

Takko Lacquer can be purchased on TakkoLacquer.com or through international stockists :

Physical Graffiti, Jabberwocky, Maneater and Alchemist will go live on TakkoLacquer.com tonight October 29th at 8pm EST.

* denotes a purchased item


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