Cirque Colors The Metropolis collection November edition : Knickerbocker

Continuing with today's Cirque reviews : Knickerbocker the November Metropolis shade!

"An ode to the city that never sleeps; the center of the universe; the metropolis. We are excited to introduce a range of creme-finished lacquers to our core lineup through a monthly release series called The Metropolis Collection."

Knickerbocker is a dark chocolate creme. Brown has been hot this Fall so if you haven't found your favorite chocolate creme yet, you'll probably love this one : smooth, self leveling, rich and glossy! I used 2 coats for complete coverage below.

Knickerbocker is already available on and retails for $13. For a list of international Cirque stockists, please refer to this list.

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Thanks for looking! 


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