Femme Fatale Sanctum Anniversary Trio plus spamathon!

Hi again guys!
Continuing with upcoming Femme Fatale Cosmetics releases and after today's The Midsummer Night’s Dream collection review (link), I have pictures of the Sanctum Trio, celebrating the brand's fourth anniversary.
Pfeeew, that was a mouthful! LOL Oh and I might also have a ton of older Femme Fatale swatches  at the end of the post ^_^

Graveborn is a green based grey creme with a purple shimmer. I used 2 easy coats.

Luminous Spire is a cool champagne linear holo packed with platinum flakes. Shown here : 2 coats and no topcoat.

Ghostwoven is a mix of turquoise shimmers with a pink color shifting effect and hex glitters in milky white and silver holo. Again, 2 coats and no topcoat pictures below.

The Sanctum Anniversary Trio will be available on Femme Fatale Cosmetics for 48 hours only starting October 1st. RPP is $25 ex GST.

And now some Femme Fatale spamathon with the 2015 earlier releases : Cthulhu and Snow White collections.

All Sanity Is LostCthulhu collection

Alone In The Darkness - Cthulhu collection

Brain Link - Cthulhu collection

In His House He Waits Dreaming - Cthulhu collection

Stands In The Couds - Cthulhu collection

Touch Of Madness - Cthulhu collection

Under The Waters - Cthulhu collection

Art of Witchcraft Snow White collection

Bodice Lace Snow White collection

Glass Coffin Snow White collection

Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall Snow White collection
(over Weed In Her Heart)

Poisoned Apple Snow White collection

Weed In Her Heart Snow White collection

Who Is The Fairest Of Them All Snow White collection

If you've made it here... Thanks for looking! :D


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