piCture pOlish Calm swatches and review!

Hi everyone! I hope you're all having a great week so far. Mine has been productive, I swatched a lot and have plenty of lovely colors to share with you all, starting with another recent piCture pOlish release : Calm.

under sunlight

Calm is a medium blue with a subtle turquoise tint and the renowned piCture pOlish signature scattered holo. It's not an easy color to accurately photograph so I tried to best represent it under different conditions: in the sun, shade and under artificial light with flash. Formula was flawless, I used 2 easy coats and no topcoat in my swatches.

indoors with flash

in the shade

piCture pOlish Calm can be purchased on piCturepOlish.com.au (international shipping and everyday deals available) or through their International Network. Make sure to check this page for a list of etailers in your country.

For more information, follow piCture pOlish on  :

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