Femme Fatale Dune Collection swatches and review!

Hi everyone!
I have yet another awesome collection to share with you guys today, inspired by the 1965 science fiction novel, Dune by Frank Herbert : the Femme Fatale Dune Collection!

The first thing  thought when I saw them was wow shimmer alert! Let's give them all a closer look.

Formula was, as usual with Femme Fatale, nice and easy to work with on the entire collection. I used 2 coats plus topcoat in all of my swatches.

Grandfather of the Desert is a light gold glitter and holo mix.

Sandscrawler is a yellow gold with a slightly duochrome shimmer, shifting from greenish gold to orange.

Secret Coinage is a mix of pink, copper and holo shimmers and glitters.

Reverend Mothers is a mix of reddish orange, blue and holo shimmers and glitters.

The Weirding Way is a mix of brown, icy blue and holo shimmers and glitters.

Blue-Within-Blue Eyes is a bright blue fading thermal with a strong magenta shimmer and tons of icy blue flakies.

Voice of the Outer World is bright purple fading shimmer packed with multichrome flakies.

Genetic Memory is a brown base filled with dark purple shimmers and multichrome flakies.

The Femme Fatale Dune Collection will be available for presale Sunday, November 1st on FemmeFataleCosmetics.com.au

Thanks for looking guys!


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