NEW Colors by Llarowe Stamping nail polish collection swatches and review!

Hi everyone!
I super excited to share with you the upcoming Colors by Llarowe stamping collection today!

If you haven't heard, CbL is adding stamping to their line with a set of 13 holographic and 2 duochrome nail polishes. I have the 13 holos today (the 2 duochromes will follow very shortly) and I cannot tell you how much I've enjoyed playing with them.

These were all on the thicker side and highly pigmented with the exception of Golden Rule which was the thinnest.

They were all very easy to pick up on the stamper and transferred perfectly on the nails with full opacity designs, crisp edges and very seldom bald spots.

I used the Bundle Monster semi squishy Mega Stamper and topcoat in all of my swatches.

Amethyst Glow is a silver/lavender holo
used over Colors by llarowe Ain't Nobody Leavin' Til We Sing the Blues (Spring 2016 collection)
Born Pretty Store BP-L006 plate

Blue Skies is a medium blue holo with periwinkle undertones
used over OPI Never Have Too Mani Friends (Hello Kitty collection)
Moyou London Kaleidoscope 08 plate

Enchanted Forest is an emerald green holo
Turq'd is a bright turquoise holo
both used over Lacquer Lust Not a Cloud in Sight (Spring 2016 collection)
Bundle Monster BM-XL16 plate

Golden Rule is a gold holo, super sparkly but the least pigmented of the collection 
used over Contrary Polish Extreme Outer Space (Coloring Outside the Lines collection)
Moyou London Illusion 05 plate

Hey Romeo is a reddened pink holo
used over OPI Spare Me a French Quarter (New Orleans collection)
Born Pretty Store BP-L003 plate

Lilac Petals is a medium purple holo
used over Lacquer Lust Orchid (Spring 2016 collection)
Bundle Monster BM-XL19 plate

Panther is a jet black holo
used over KBShimmer Purr-fectly Paw-some (Spring 2016 collection)
Moyou London Illusion 09 plate

Pink Lady is a pink holo with lilac undertones
used over Lacquer Lust Rosé (Spring 2016 collection)
Pet'La Plate Puzzles plate

Royalty is a royal blue holo
used over OPI Rich Girls and Po-Boys (New Orleans collection)
Pet'la Plate Three Times plate

Sparkling Diamonds is a silver holo
Chimney Sweep is a charcoal grey holo 
both used over Lacquer Lust Mist (Spring 2016 collection)
Infinity Nails 39 plate

The Heart Bleeds is a red holo
used over Lacquer Lust Framboise (Spring 2016 collection)
Bundle Monster BM-XL17 plate

Overall :
I'm in looove with this collection. I know that a lot of regular holos work well with stamping but nothing compares to a specifically formulated polish when it comes to application. No stressing out about the polish drying on the plate if you take a couple of extra seconds to pick up your design!
All of the polishes in this collection can also be used as regular polishes although you'll have to keep in mind that formula is thicker and requires a longer drying time than usual.

The Colors by llarowe Stamping collection is launching this Saturday March 19th at 12PM MST on
Individual polishes retail for $10 each.

I hope you've enjoyed this post. Thanks for looking!


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