Superchic Lacquer Fall Urban Dictionary collection swatches & review!

Hi guys!
I hope you're all having a great weekend!
Mine was productive and I got a lot of swatching done - while binge watching the end of the Once Upon a Time season 5 season. I'm not sure I'll keep on watching the series, I don't know about you but I feel like it's not as good as it used to be. I kind of lost interest along the way...

Anyway, among my weekend swatching is the upcoming Superchic Lacquer collection : the Fall Urban Dictionary collection, a set of 8 ultra pigmented linear holos with the Superchic Lacquer one-coat holo formula.

Let's give them all a closer look :

Wonderwall is a champagne linear holo. Great formula and application. I used one good coat in my swatches below but a second coat might be necessary depending on your nail length and application technique.

Rum-Billie is a vibrant rum linear holo that literally glows! Ultra pigmented, I used 1 single coat for complete coverage.

Awesome Sauce is a deep chocolate linear holo with a warm hue. Again, great formula and application. One coat was used below.

Rosebuddy is a rose linear holo with a gold shimmer flash. Formula was similar to Wonderwall and slightly thinner than the rest of the collection, making it a 1-2 coater. I used 1 coat in my swatches.

Trap Queen is a hot raspberry linear holo with a lot of depth, dimension and glow! I used one, single, perfect coat.

Zombie Crush is a blackened blood red-purple linear holo. Butter-smooth application and an easy one-coat coverage.

Awkward Turtle is an olive green linear holo. A very unusual yet beautiful shade of green. No surprise here, this is another easy one-coater.

Deadpool is a deep blue linear holo with hints of teal. I feel like I'm repeating myself a lot today but application was, again, simply effortless. I used 1 easy coat for complete coverage.

Overall :
I'm in loooove with this collection. Vivid colors with an intense linear holo effect and perfect one-coat formulas, if you haven't tried any Superchic Lacquer holo, I have no doubt that you will absolutely LOVE them too!
My top picks : Trap Queen, Zombie Crush and Deadpool.

The Superchic Lacquer Fall Urban Dictionary collection is launching tomorrow, Monday 09/26 at 4pm PST, online at and will retail for $12 each plus shipping.

Thanks for looking and have a great week! xx


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