Femme Fatale x Ilaeti collaboration : The Animal Lovers collection

Woot woot!
Todays post features the Femme Fatale x Ilaeti collaboration collection and I couldn't be happier to share Laetitia's creations with you. If you don't already follow Laetitia, you are seriously missing out on some nailgasms :O

"I chose this theme obviously because I like animals! They have always been a part of my life (cats, dogs, birds when I was a child), they kept me company in harder times, and they always had a large place in my heart (you probably already noticed on Instagram).
Today, I am a grown-up, with grown-up responsibilities and problems; most of the time I come home from work all stressed out but the second I open my door and see my cats greeting me, all the worries go away and my thoughts are focused on this instinctive relationship. This is what they bring me: a peaceful (and fun!) environment. This is why I love them and care about their well-being.
This feeling of respect and admiration I have does not only go towards (my) cats, all animals are strong, fascinating, mysterious, gracious, unapologetic… they just are." - Laetitia (Ilaeti)

Read the full inspiration behind The Animal Lovers trio on Laetitia's blog.

Flamingo Feather is a strong coral crème with a hint of strawberry pink tones, fine golden shimmer, holographic particles and fine holographic microglitter. You're going to hear (read) me say (write) this a lot today but I love this color. It's somewhere between a soft peach and a vivid coral, making it the perfect go to shade. I used 2 coats plus topcoat.

Bear is a rich warm brown linear holographic packed with warm iridescent flakes, golden holographic microglitter. Brown isn't usually very high on the most-wanted nail polish lists but I dare you not to love this one on you. It's dark but not too dark and the shimmer/glitter mix adds some serious sparkle to its overall look. I also used 2 easy coats plus topcoat.

Cat's Eye is a gorgeous bright blue jelly with green-gold glow, scattered holographic glitters and holographic accents. Ok, this one though... If you've been following this year's Femme Fatale bollger collaborations posts on social media then you must know that this particular shade seems to be everyone's favorite and it's well deserved. It's so bold and eye cat-ching (pun intended). I simply love it! I used another 2 easy coats plus topcoat.

This year's bloggers collections will be available from Aug. 1st through Aug. 5th on femmefatalecosmetics.com.au and shorty after via international stockists.


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