Color Club In True Fashion Fall 2012 Collection

This Fall, Color Club took inspiration from the runways for their new seasonal collection In True Fashion, including many cremes, shimmers, metallics and duochromes :
  • Look Book: Bright Red
  • Style Icon: Burgundy
  • By Design: Plum
  • In the Limelight: Periwinkle
  • Muse-ical: Gray
  • Fashion Moment: Eggplant
  • Editorial: Peridot Duochrome
  • Port-folio: Purple Duochrome
  • Personal Stylist: Blue Duochrome
  • First Looks: Blue Green Metallic
  • Model Behavior: Bronze Metallic
  • Show Time: Charcoal Metallic

 By Design
plum purple creme. 2 coats.

metallic duochrome : gold to green (Peridot dupe). 2 coats.

Fashion Moment
 very dark eggplant creme. 2 coats. 

First Looks
teal metallic shimmer. 1 coat.

In the Limelight
dark periwinkle blue crelly (creme/jelly hybrid). 2 coats. 

Look Book
bright red creme. 2 coats.

Model Behavior
coppery brown metallic. 2 coats.

slate grey creme. 1 coat. 

Personal Stylist
almost blurple blue metallic shimmer. 3 coats.


dark purple with a strong green shimmer. 2 coats.


Show Time
dark grey packed with silver micro glitter. 2 coats.

Style Icon 
burgundy crelly. 2 coats.

I was particularly impressed with formula in this collection. They all applied really nicely and evenly and most of them were true 2 coaters.
Personal Stylist was the sheerest and required 3 coats. I only used 2 coats for In the Limelight, Fashion Moment and Port Folio but a third one might be necessary if you're not careful with application. As for First Looks, Look Book and Muse-ical, they were extremely pigmented and you will very likely get away with just one coat.

Overall :
I'm in love with at least half of the collection!
Here are my favorites :
In the Limelight, an absolute stunner and a must have for blue lovers!
First Looks, deep, dark and mysterious with a perfect formula. 
Fashion Moment, Style Icon and Muse-ical, cremes but definitely worth having in my opinion.
Show Time, unique in my stash and looks perfect on.
Port-folio, the closest you'd get to Rescue Beauty Lounge Scrangie.
Did you get any of these?  Do you have any favorites?

Color Club In True Fashion polishes are already available on and retail for $8 each.
Color Club is a Vegan , Big 3 and Cruelty Free company.
*products provided for review*



  1. Oh my goodness I love so many of these, but I think Port-Folio is the most interesting! I also love In the Limelight! I'll definitely be on the lookout for these :]

  2. What a wonderful collection! Very nice pictures. Do you ever sell your polishes? If so I would be interested!

  3. okay i spotted 4 of them! .... for now! can't wait

  4. Incredbile swatches. I actually want By Design only because of your swatch, it looks like such an incredible purple. I won't buy it, because I know I'll be bored of it on my nails, but it looks divine on your nails. Style Icon I'll probably get, even if it looks like a classic red. Yummy! But the best one is definitively Port-folio, I love it!!

  5. @Cristina Nash you mean like have a blogsale? I haven't really thought about it but I might at some point. Obviously it would not include samples I get for review like these but maybe for polishes I bought myself... xx Sam.

  6. Gorgeous swatches! I ordered 4 polishes from this collection. After seeing your swatches, I can't wait to receive them!!! :)

  7. Perfect swatches, Sam! Now I regret the ones I didn´t buy LOL Bisous

  8. i wasn't too keen on this collection at first but your swatches make them look like must haves!

  9. Muse-ical is lovely! I have a fondness for grey polishes.

  10. I must have In the limelight it is stunning!! :)

  11. I've not mentioned before, but I really love how you position your hand and the whole composition of your photographs. Very beautiful and professional.

    There's only a few colours that caught my eyes in this collection :

    First Look - Gotta love that gorgeous deep navy blue colour! Stunning!
    Port-Folio - What a combo! I love it, but I know it won't look good on me *pouts* Its okay, I'd just admire yours (and drool)-if you don't mind ;P
    Show Time - Eye catching! Like a night full of tiny sparkling stars!

  12. Oh, wow! Port-folio is AMAZING!!! I have to get my hands on that ASAP!

  13. I've been salivating for these since June! So glad they're finally here and that they're just as lovely as I imagined. Got my eye on several!Thanks so much for the great swatches!


  14. I have By Design but haven't had the chance to wear it yet! After seeing your post I most certainly will have to! Of course now I have to have In The Limelight and Muse-ical. If you would stop taking such frickin' fantastic photos I wouldn't have to add so many polishes to my wish list!

  15. Portfolio looks stunning. Reminds me of Rescue Beauty Lounge's Scrangie a lot.

  16. As always your swatches are soo perfect that all colors scream buy me ;-) . I would love to get some more Color Club polishes but this Collection feels like I have them all already:-( but still each and every color is very beautiful!!!!

  17. OMg this collection is so fantastic!!

  18. Fantastic post, fantastic presentation and fantastic photos, congratulations.

  19. This Collection is awesome! Good to know that my birthday's coming :D

  20. I love this collection! My favourites are Model Behaviour, Personal Stylist and Show Time! :)

  21. Muse-ical makes me think of OPI Nein! Nein! Nein! and that Zoya polish that has the same shade. Maybe you could do a comparison of them?

  22. First Looks went straight into my wishlist!

  23. This collection looks really beautiful. Especially First Looks and Port-folio and Show Time looks cool.
    I adore your's nails shape!!

  24. Some really nice ones and some that it feels like I've seen before!

  25. Oh my, this is definetly one of the most beautiful fall collections I've seen so far!

  26. OK. I need Portofolio and By Design!

  27. Omg they are soo beautiful! My fav ones are show time and portfolio. Oh and "first looks" also! *-*

  28. Love these! What do you use as a base/top coat? The only Color Club polishes I own chip easily and don't play well with Seche Vite.

  29. I have to have Port-folio!!! OOOoo so pretty!

  30. They look incredible!!! Want them all!!!

  31. i was gasping really hard when i saw Port-folio! such a beautiful color! i want this!

  32. Amazing swatches as always! I realy can't decide witch one is my favourite :)

  33. This post is one of the few that have made me want Color Clubs, which is a big deal for me because they don't wear well. :)

  34. ohmygosh so many of these are stunning. new lemmings born!

  35. Port-folio is my dream collor!!

  36. I would like to inform you that from the very first swatch I knew this post was going to get me in trouble and by the time I reached this comment box, I have already ordered 5 out of these polishes. You're a bad influence! Lol I hope they look as good on me as they do on you.

  37. Wow! All the colorurs just made my jaw literally fell off :D I want them all! *-*

  38. All of them look so classy and totally perfect for fall. I can see myself wearing every one of them, Show Time and First Looks beeing my absolute favorites! Stunning post, sweetie! Amazing swatches and fantastic camera skills ;-)

  39. Too much beauty and I am broke!

  40. Think I need in the limelight in my life :)

  41. I love this collection. The by design is just beautiful. This collection is really fashion (like its name).