Gosh and Kiko Spam

Since I'm still enjoying my blue mani, I thought I'd share with you my Gosh and Kiko stash.
Gosh Cosmetics is a very popular Danish Big 3 free company. Their nail polishes are also free of camphor and phtalic acid. They have a very strong position against animal testing. Unfortunately their products aren't always so easy to find; they do offer online shopping, but some shades are EU exclusive, I think.
Kiko Cosmetics is an italian company that is also Big 3 free as well as Camphor and Styrene Acrylate free. Again they totally proscribe animal testing. They don't retail through the regular network but have their own shops and have been opening more and more in western Europe lately.
I do heart all of these nail polishes since they've been a long time job to collect (I'm still missing a few I like though), especially for the very very hard to Find Gosh Holographic and Rainbow; I have to thank my friend Nell for seeking these throughout London for me.

So on to the pictures, you can leave me comments with the ones you'd like me to swatch first. Hopefully I'll be filling you in with application, opacity etc later.

Gosh Black Passion, Purple Heart, Blue Monday, Ocean, Gypsy Blue, Silky Mint
Gosh Avant Garde, Lambada, Hot Coral, Wild Lilac, Flamingo, Pink Rose

Rose, Frou-Frou, Miss Grey, Silver Star, Magic Star, Gold

Gosh Holographic (Chanel Holographic dupe)
Gosh Rainbow (Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure dupe)
with flash
Gosh Holografic

Gosh Rainbow

Kiko Pearly Dark Slate Green, Purple Microglitter, Microglitter Cranberry, Sparkle Touch (S.T) Red Glitter
Kiko Yellow, Microglitter Yellow, S.T Beige Glitter
Kiko S.T Multicolour Silver, S.T Rainbow Glitter, S.T Transparent Microglitter,
S.T Multicolour Paillettes, S.T Aqua Paillettes
Holiday Limited Edition Collection
Kiko Black Mat (Illamasqua Scorn dupe), Silver Art, Gold Art
And, just for the fun of it, one last picture , Kiko's color display :

 The picture's high res so you can really enlarge it to see all the details.


  1. Very nice collection of Gosh and Kiko. I have just one Kiko (I think one of Sparkle touch), but I want many more of course. x) I would love to see Purple Microglitter. :)

  2. Wow, very nice! I'd love to see Purple Heart, because although it has purple in the name, it looks like a green, so I'm guessing it has some greenish shimmer or something in it and the combination sounds good. :D

  3. oh la chance que tu as de posséder des GOSH (surtout le holo et le rainbow) !
    tes photos sont magnifiques !

  4. @Ulmiel You didn't miss it ;) It's one of the best of all these : a purple / dark green duochrome.
    I'll make sure to swatch is asap, as well as Purple Microglitter for Ivana.
    xoxo girlz.

  5. Those Kiko's are awesome! I am so glad I have two of those glitters, I just love them, I need to use them in a mani and take pics. Greens in last pic look yummy too. :)

  6. What a great resource!

  7. Ooooh I just love kiko!
    I'm from the netherlands and there is no kiko, unfortunally. :(

  8. I'm a huge fan of red nail polish so I would be thrilled if you could show us Lambada from Gosh and Kiko's Microglitter Cranberry.

    Thank's and I really like your blog