Readers Request : Purples

Hi everyone,
Today, I have 2 nail polishes for you... and a little extra.

The first one is Gosh Purple Heart,  requested by Ulmiel.
The second is Kiko Purple Microglitter Ivana.
They both have blogs, I included links, you should definitely check them out.
I must say that I'm very happy with  these choices because they're not your typical vampy shade but are complex and do take some audacity to wear. So congrats girls!

Gosh Purple Heart is an amazing shade : 2 coats of perfect coverage, fast drying, duochrome awesomeness...
It's a purple base with a strong, dark green, duochrome effect, almost black in a certain angle. You can also see blue in the bottle close up but that doesn't really translate on the nail and I guess that also contributes in making it a very unique nail polish.
Gosh Purple Heart

Gosh Purple Heart

Kiko Purple Microglitter is a warm purple with tons of holographic microglitter.
Again, it dried in a flash, a little bit on the thick side but I guess it's the downside of being this packed with glitter; a few drops of polish thinner and it  was perfect.

Kiko Purple Microglitter
Purple Microglitter (no topcoat)

Now, the little extra :

Chanel Pepite is a sheer pink base packed with tons of holographic glitter.
The glitter in Pepite is a little bigger than Purple  Microglitter's but there definitely is some similarity so here it is.

Chanel Pepite
Kiko Purple Microglitter
+ 1 coat of Chanel Pepite on middle finger
with topcoat
Kiko Purple Microglitter + 1 coat of Chanel Pepite on middle finger
with Essie Matte About You
I believe the pictures speak for themselves...


  1. I need to get Matte About You-- the finish is gorgeous!

  2. que des bijoux que tu nous swatches !
    j'aime pas les matte en général mais le kiko ressort quand même bien !
    joli tout ça ^_^

  3. Oh, wow, thank you so much! For linking and complimenting my blog and hearing my wish for GOSH. Purple Heart is amazing, it really is, it reminds me a bit of Nubar Purple Beach, i think is called. Similar duochrome, that makes the polish simply stunning! Kiko looks amazing too. I need to get my hands on these babies! Great swatches, great nails! :)

  4. Aww thank you! :) Purple microglitter looks just stunning, I wish we had them in Slovenia, that's bad. :/

  5. @Ulmiel You're welcome, thank you for making such a wise choice in the first place... xoxo

  6. @Ivana maybe you could have them sent over to you just like I did, email me if you'd like.

  7. @wuguimei
    Essie Matte About You is great but I hear that some other mattes are great too like China Glaze's or Catrice/essence, Lacquerized made a comp, check out her blog.
    I also have ManGlaze Matte'Astrophe which is just my fav matte ever, hopefully I'll post it soon.
    Anyway mattes are always awesome on shimmers or metallics, not flat like when you use cremes...

  8. The firs one looks like a peacock!!
    And the last picture with violet+shimmers+matte polish is unbelievable cute

  9. WOW! Chanel Pepite definitely made it POP! Love it!