Milani Rockstar Heavy Glitter : One Coat Glitter

I've had these for a while one and I really don't know why I haven't posted them before.

"One Coat Glitters", that might be an overstatement but Milani Rockstar Heavy Glitter collection is definitely a win : super thin, dense and sparkly. They reach full opacity in 2 fast drying coats. Unless you want to keep the raw look of their matte finish, you'll need topcoat to avoid grainy feel; but even if you're not a huge fan of glitters, they are surprisingly wearable.

Milani Rockstar Heavy Glitter

Milani Silver Dazzle
dark silver glitter with blue fash
Milani Blue Flash
Bright electric blue glitter
Milani Purple Gleam
Intense red based medium purple (more red IRL)
Milani Red Sparkle
Vibrant blue based red
Milani Gold Glitz
Vivid warm gold with a copper flash
Now, some comparisons (feel free to enlarge, these are high res):

Milani Blue Flash vs OPI Absolutely Alice
Absolutely Alice is a tad darker and has silver glitter.

Milani Gold Glitz vs OPI Gift Of Gold
Gift Of Gold is much more yellow although they both share copper particles.

Milani Purple Gleam vs Accessorize Ruby Sparkle
Same color tone but Ruby sparkle's glitter particles are bigger, it is less opaque too.

Like I said, these are very wearable, even during the day, I think that's because the glitter particles are  super thin and because they're monochrome...
Anyway, I'm really digging them and I'm sure that even if you're not a glitter lover you'd be surprised if you tried them.


  1. I'm surprised at seeing how similar Absolutely Alice and Blue Flash look! Would you say it's worth owning both?

  2. @Beej's Nails It's true they're not so different but definitely not dupes, Absolutely Alice is darker and that silver glitter adds a little something... It's hard to capture glitters in a picture, you'd have to see them in motion.
    I'd say if you have AA then get Blue Flash because it's not hard to find but if you don't BF will satisfy your craving.

  3. Golly gee willickers!!! This is an awesome post. I have on Silver Dazzle right now and did a post about it a few minutes ago but you pics are AMAZING... Great Job!

  4. @Iro Thanks sweetie!
    @AllThingsNails! Well, what can I say? Great minds think alike, lol.

  5. Awesome collection... I love Silver Dazzle!

  6. GORGEOUS swatches! Thanks for sharing

  7. Aww these polishes really are beautiful!

  8. Are you trying to pull me into glitters? This look absolutely gorgeous on you. I totally lurv the Silver Dazzle, while normally I'm not into silver at all. I think the dark- almost gunmetal glitters with blue caught my attention.

  9. Thank you all girls <3
    @Angeles @Marionne I see we have a winner in Silver Dazzle! It was my fave from the other swatches I saw online too. I'm wearing it right now and will be keeping in tomorrow... That's a lot to say, lol. xoxo.

  10. Wow those are amazing!
    Actually gorgeous! <3
    Follow mee?
    izzy xx

  11. How does China Glaze Dorothy Who? compare to Milani Blue Flash and OPI Absolutely Alice?

  12. WOW! I would like to have them all !! :o