Purple Disco Mani : glitter gradient

Just the once won't hurt, the post begins with a picture.

I've been craving for bold colors lately, so for tonight's girls' night out, I naturally went through my neon stash and picked up this purple : Models Own Purple Passion along with a matching glitter nail polish Accessorize Ruby Sparkle, two UK brands that offer international shipping.

Purple Passion is a red based neon purple and dries to a semi-matte finish. It applied nicely and evenly in 2 coat.
Ruby Sparkle is a very bright red based purple too, It's not very dense and I think you could reach full opacity with 3 to 4 coats, it might be better to use a purple base though. It's brighter and much more red based than the pictures show, especially at the tip but I've had a really hard time trying to get them color accurate and this is the best I could achieve.
I also used a very thin silver glitter topcoat by Essence but didn't photograph it. 

Models Own Purple Passion

Accessorize Ruby Sparkle
 So what about you? Do you go for glitters when you go out with your friends?


  1. @Rachel Marie thanks, I'm trying not to think about tomorrow's removal, lol.

  2. that's beautiful i love it! Just remember foil for tomorrow!

  3. @Nail Designs xox thanks hun. Is it just me or does foil removal make anybody else think about the movie "Signs" when they wrap their heads with it??? It's just so wiered.

  4. really pretty! no I don't just use glitter for going out, i wear it all the time! especially since I haven't got the hang of my new Konad nail art kit and my hand isn't steady for free hand nail art