Dior Rock Coat SPAM!!!

I wasn't completely satisfied with my first review of the Rock Coat... What do you choose to feature when you have endless possibilites???

On the pictures :
One coat of Rock Coat on the right side
And no topcoat on the nail polishes apart from the two glitters.

American Apparel Factory Grey

Catrice Sold Out Forever

China Glaze Below Deck

China Glaze Cheers to You
China Glaze For Audrey

China Glaze Sea Spray

Diamond Cosmetics Never So Evergreen

Essie  Jag-U-Are

Essie Lapis of Luxury

Essie Playa Del Platinum

Eyeko Posh

H&M Temptress
Illamasqua Muse

Mac Jade Dragon

Milani Blue Flash

Nars Purple Rain

Opi Sparkle-icious

Opi The Show Must Go On

Zoya Jules

Zoya Sarah

Rock Coat is supposed to give a smoky effect and that's exactly what it does!
It applies easily and isn't streaky, all you need to do is make sure you have enough topcoat on the brush and be a bit more careful on light colors but it really isn't hard to work with.
What more can I say? I just love it, especially over cremes and already have a backup.


  1. The other swatches of the Dior Rock Coat seem to just make everything look ugly. Now I'm curious... Because your swatches actually make it look really great!

  2. @Rachel Marie I probably saw the same swatches you did and I was disappointed at first too but I felt like I had to make my own opinion, especially given that they were taken from a distance and not with the best layering choices?
    What do you get when you mix yellow and grey? Not so appealing in my opinion LOL.
    I really do love Rock Coat and I think that very close pictures can't lie (I didn't photoshop any of them for color correction)

  3. j'adore le rock coat faut que je m'en rachete un de plus ( histoire d avoir du stock )

  4. I love polishes like these! So many possibilities. TOO MANY possibilities!

  5. Hi sweetie, I didn't know your blog but I stumbled on it today while looking for information about Chanel Mimosa... and I have to confess that it's totally addicting! I guess I'll be attending it very often from now on! ;)
    Thanx for sharing!!

  6. Wow, Rock Coat is totally awesome! You weren't kidding when you said the possibilities were endless!

    On another note, I love your nails - they're so beautiful, and I wish mine were like yours! Great nails and great pics :)

  7. I love them all. are you interested in having a guest blogger on the site?
    have you tried rebel debutant color club?

  8. I think Rock Coat works great, but best of all with colors from the same collection. For comparison, here are some pics I took of Dior Rock Coat over Purple Mix and Nirvana.

  9. je n'avais pas vu cet article ! juste le premier :-)
    demain je vais me ruiner mais tant pis je vais me procurer ce Rock Coat ! ça me défrustrera tiens !

  10. Ayé je l'ai ce petit bijou ! j'adore son intitulé si je puis dire ainsi : "SMOKY BLACK TOP COAT" !!!
    vivement que je l'essaye !