China Glaze Crackle METALS preview

Are you ready to CRACKLE?

Hot on the heels of the wildly popular original Crackle colours, China Glaze has introduced the Crackle Metals Collection! Six sparkling metallic colours follow-up the original smash hit Crackle Glaze Collection! This second generation polish pairs the edgy innovation of crackle with the elegant beauty of metals. Two hot technologies come together in a sizzling summer palette.

  • Tarnished Gold 80761 - Gold Metal Crackle
  • Cracked Medallion 80762 - Bronze Metal Crackle
  • Platinum Pieces 80763 - Silver Metal Crackle
  • Latticed Lilac 80764 - Lavender Metal Crackle
  • Haute Metal 80765 - Pale Pink Metal Crackle
  • Oxidized Aqua 80766 - Aquamarine Metal Crackle

Note : The China Glaze Metals Collection is scheduled for realease June 15th in Europe, July/August in the US and is subject to change.

Overall :
I have mixed feelings about this collection, on the one hand the outlook of 6 metallic crackles is kind of appealling to me but on the other hand, I'm afraid to go on a crackle OD...
I guess I'll have wait and see!


  1. I bought the previous crackle colelction and, weeks after that, I don't know if I'm pleased or not with it... I'm attracted by this one, of course, but I fear to be disappointed again. Maybe I'll pass on that one, who knows? ^^

  2. I love crackles don`t get me wrong, but it`s just like you mentioned as well....getting a crackle OD :) it`s a little too much :S

  3. I agree about going on crackle OD. I'm over it. I only want the silver shatter and that's it. I never even bothered with the other colors. I think silver is pretty cause it is a foil, but I don't need 6 different colored foils, haha.

  4. cool mais je refuse de payer les prix français ! Lol donc je pense que j'attendrai la sortie US pour les rajouter a ma collec :)

  5. I'm afraid I won't resist buying at least A metal crackle :-P

  6. I think I will only get the gold and silver ones. Crackle overdose... they look pretty, though.

  7. oh oh oh non je ne cèderais pas !!! enfin je crois !

  8. I haven't even been able to get the crackle polishes online. There all sold out. I'd like to have one at least. Silver & gold would be nice. This might be overload after awhile.