Crackle, Shatter, Texture, Fractured... Really?

With all the different crackles collections being released one after the other, I thought you might enjoy a quick recap of what is or will soon be available among the biggest brands.
So here we go:

China Glaze Crackles : already available
From left to right:
Black Mesh
Crackled Concrete
Fault Line
Crushed Candy
Broken Hearted
Lightning Bolt

China Glaze Crackle Metals : availability June 2011
From left to right :
Tarnished Gold, Gold Metal Crackle
Cracked Medallion, Bronze Metal Crackle
Platinum Pieces, Silver Metal Crackle
Latticed Lilac, Lavender Metal Crackle
Haute Metal, Pale Pink Metal Crackle
Oxidized Aqua, Aquamarine Metal Crackle

OPI Shatters : already available
From left to right :
Black Shatter
White Shatter
Red Shatter
Blue Shatter
Turquoise Shatter
Navy Shatter
Silver Shatter

Nicole by OPI Texture : availability July 2011
From left to right :
Black Texture
Gold  Texture
Red Texture
Silver Texture
Turquoise Texture
White Texture

Color Club Fractured : availability summer 2011
from left to right :
Clean Break : White Fractured
Broken Tokens : Silver Fractured
Tattered In Gold : Gold Fractured
Have a Bash : Blue Fractured
Crush on You : Fuchsia Fractured
Smash Hit : Black Fractured

Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoats : already available


  1. Too many crackles! I want something new, I don't need crackle in every color. :)

  2. Great roundup - thanks for this!!! It looks like the crackle 'craze' is becoming repetitive - even with the crackles available later this summer, it's all still the same colors already done before. I'm wondering if you're noticing a difference between brands, or are they all applying the same? I've only used the OPI black and silver shatters so far, and picked up China Glaze crackle in white, but still have to use it. Please let us know if you like one brand over another!

  3. riiighhtt... thanks nail polish companies - we get it: crackles are "IN". Now if we could only get them on the holographic or multichrome bandwagon with the same enthusiasm! :D

  4. I want the ChG metallics even though SH already has some. I am having a ton of fun with these. However, I'm trying not to get dupe colors.

  5. Crackleicious! :D I am overwhelmed by all the different crackles/shatters/fractures/textures too. Plus why all the different names? We call them crackles anyhow. :D

    I agree with Rikki and wish nail polish companies would make some awesome linear holos and multichromes again. It's about time.

    Thank you for your great roundup Sam!

  6. I'm SOOOO over crackle polishes. LOL I own ONE and I think that's one too many. And that one I have is horrible. I swear, I used it twice and the polish in the bottle is already so gloopy, it's unworkable. :( As much as I like the finish, it's just too much work.

  7. Barry m has some, models own has some too. Its like All brands have to have some. Depend has some. Isadora has some. Its crazy. Lol


    Cant Think of more but i bet there are ple ty more.

  8. I'm interested by the new CG collection!
    But the others are quite the same..

  9. I love Crackles. I want the N.OPIs!!!

  10. Don't forget LaRosa crackles. They come in black, white, neon blue, turquoise, green, yellow, hot red, red, magenta and orange.

  11. It's available in the US but still a new thing if not, it hasn't even been released yet, in Australia =(

  12. if only they come out with something new instead of crackles/shatter.. something like; splatter, splashes of colors. that would be awesome :)