Dior 987 Prune Smoking / Smoky Plum Swatches and Review

I don't know why that is but I've been in a vampy kick lately, I tried to make myself wear different shades but with no success... Dior Smoky Plum is perfect that way, you can hardly get any more vampy!

Smoky Plum is a blackened plum creme, leaning brown. Just like every other Dior creme, it has the silver sparse micro shimmer. Formula was a stunner, almost a one coater and the polish litteraly applied itself. On the other side, I didn't find it very shinny but since I always wear topcoat anyway, that's not a major issue ;-)

Overall :
Smoky Plum is a dark and rich vampy shade, not exactly what I'd expect for a plum but so pigmented and easy to work with that I love it anyway.

*this product was provided to me by the manufacturer or their PR company for consideration*


  1. Holy crap that's sexy!! And could your nails be anymore gorgeous?

  2. I love this! Is it out right now or coming up in a new collection?

  3. @Liz (Beauty Reductionista) it's out now. I saw it on Dior.com but I think they call it Smoking Plum... The ref is the same though 987.

  4. That's gorgeous, and your photos are spectaculare. Thanks for sharing, boy oh boy, am I lemming now...how am I going to resist this?!

  5. Your nails/mani/photos are always so beautiful. It doesn't even matter what color you wear - it'll look good!

  6. I love this color! Your pictures of it are awesome =]