Teeez Outta Control

A few weeks ago, I swatched 2 of the 3 Teeez holo polishes : Smooth and Cool.
I wasn't fully satisfied with the pictures of Outta Control so I postponed posting them. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find any spare time to swatch during the day so here they are anyway :(


Teeez Outta Control is a warm purple scattered holo with a faint linear effect. It applies smoothly without any bold spots or patchiness and requires 2 coats to reach full opacity. It dries to a shinny finish and I must say that I didn't expect such a flawless formula from a small brand.

Overall :
I really loved wearing Outta Control and after 4 days it was still looking good with minimum tipwear.
If you can get your hands on it or on Smooth and Cool, I'd strongly advise you getting them.
As far as I'm concerned I am so very grateful to my little fairy in Holland who sent them to me ♥


  1. So pretty! I wish I could get my hands on these! I like the flower design on the bottles. It's a nice touch.

  2. I was lucky enough to get these from a kind gal too but untried as of now...awesome pix of Outta Control.

  3. I'm burned out on holos right now but those bottles are beautiful.

  4. I always drool a little when someone shows a Teeez polish, and this is no exception!

  5. I want it!!!! I shouldn't have read this post :)

  6. This purple is really pretty! Sadly I have never seen Teeez anywhere near...

  7. Lovely colors! Please swatch the pink one soon! :)

  8. @rins I did swatch it, there's a link on top of the post, but there you go http://www.fashionpolish.com/2011/06/pink-wednesday-teeez-smooth-cool.html