Color Club Fall 2011 Back to Boho swatches and review part II

Today I have the second half of the Color Club Boho Collection to show you. You will see that there are some real gems in here!
In case you missed the first part follow this link.

Nomadic in Nude : a must have neutral for the season, off white and creamy
Earthy Angel : Gorgeous creamy camel
New Bohemian : a new 70’s take on Tiffany Blue
Shabby Drab : Purple Greige The ultimate boho color
Rad Nomad : Purple brown crème
Red-ical Gypsy : Boho chic red, a new take on a vintage classic red

Nomadic in Nude is a very light cool toned taupe, very much alike the color of white sand. If you have Esie Playa del Platinum, this is very close, maybe just a tad brighter. In terms of formula, it was surprisingly decent, almost a two coater and believe me that's amazing for this kind of color!

Earthy Angel is a very warm, fleshy nude type of color. I usually shy away from these but I found it very complimenting. It you're familiar with American Apparel Make Up, this is lighter. Formula was really nice too, sheer but not streaky. 3 coats were necessary.

New Bohemian is everything you could expect from a tiffany blue. Picture a brighter version of China Glaze For Audrey and it pretty much sums it all. It does look greener on me than it should, I don't know why that is but turquoise polishes always tend to look more green on my skintone, I've had the same issue with Mac Ocean Dip... Formula was just like the other two, a bit sheer on the first coat but it built up nicely in 3 easy coats.

Shabby Drab is the one I was the most excited about from the promo pics : periwinkle, dusty, creamy,... This is exactly the kind of shade that reminds me why I love nail polish so much. It's very similar to Zoya Caitlin but almost a jelly version of it. Again, same opacity and application. 3 coats ans streaks free.

Rad Nomad is right up my alley, dusty purple, strong grey undertones... It's a bit more purple than my pictures show but to give you an idea, if you missed Essie Smokin' Hot, you definitely need to grab this one and run. Heck, even if you have Smokin' Hot, get Rad Nomad! It's so classy... so glossy... sigh

Red-ical Gypsy is a jelly dark blue based red wonder. Everytime I wear red, I wonder why I don't go for them more often. Maybe it's my anticonformistic side that wants to experiment unusual or fugly colors. Formula was very nice and went on nicely in 2 coats. I did have some issues getting a "clean" manicure, the polish was attracted by my cuticles like a magnet but then I used a ridge filling, rough, basecoat and it applied like a dream.

Overall :
I am really impressed with this collection. Apart from the frosty Boho Mojo, there's not a single one I would pass on. Some were a bit sheer but if it's the price to pay for streak free pastels, I'm more than willing to pay it!

Color Club is all about color and renowned for its fun, high performance rich shades and exceptionally safe products. All nail colors are vegan, Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP and paraben-free – and made in New York, NY with the best raw materials. Color Club products are made in the USA and are not tested on animals. Products are available at

*these products were provided to me by the manufacturer or their PR company for consideration*


  1. These are very beautiful! Gorgeous photos! Your photos are so excellent and color accurate!

    I really think that these seem like a short list of all the colors that someone would really want this fall!

    Earthy Angel is reminiscent of their Haute Browns.

  2. Wow, these colors are beautiful!! (and so are your nails :) )

  3. The colors are gorgeous, and you have such amazing swatches! I always look out for your reviews since I'm always sure I'd fall in love with the pics. And then I hyperventilate a bit. LOL

  4. Out of the whole collection I'm just going for New Bohemian and Shabby Drab, though there were a few more beauties - I'm just on a tight budget nowadays, haha!

    Anyway, great swatches - and congratulations are in orders for your cuticles, they look SO great! :D

  5. Ohh these are incredible. I'm definitely loving this collection, and your swatches make it look extra desirable LOL.

  6. great collection, i love it :-D
    pictures flawless as usual ;-)

  7. I must own Red-ical Gypsy! I'm usually not a big red polish girl and I know it's a real basic red but that one is screaming my name! I'm Already thinking of some Konads I can do with it for the Holidays. :)

    I'm sure ill end up buying the whole collection :)

  8. wonderful photos and great review, thanks a lot!

    I was just wondering, if you have those, could you do a comparison of Color Club Rad Nomad with China Glaze Concrete Catwalk with Misa Office Polish-tics?

    So far I want all of them, except Boho Mojo and maybe the fleshy nude one. On your nails it looks pretty, but whenever I see a bottle picture, it puts me off ... so I'm not sure. But I will certainly order and hug and love the others ;))

    Really good collection ...

  9. Thanks so much girls for all your nice compliments. I'm glad you're enjoying the pics!
    @Caitlyn My concrete Catwalk is in the mail so I can't mak the comp right now but Rad Nomad is a near dupe to Essie Smokin' Hot so definitely more purple than a medium to dark grey. As for Earthy Angel, I think I said in the review that it's not my type of color at all but once on the nail I really liked it. That being said, I might depend on your skin tone.

  10. Beautiful colors & swatches! <3

    "Rad Nomad" looks like "Petra" from the Zoya Fall 2011 Collection. :)

  11. New Bohemian looks so great. I love your swatch photos.

  12. New Bohemian looks so great. I love your swatch photos

  13. Great collection, my favourite nail polishes are Shabby Drab and New Bohemian. But I'll probably buy the entire collection. :D

  14. Dang those look hawt! I love Rad Nomad, as well as the red. Both are stellar. What ridge filler?

  15. Pretty swatches as usual girl! ♥