Dr.’s REMEDY Hot Hot Hot Summer Collection Swatches and Review

Dr. REMEDY is a line of doctor-inspired cosmetics that is dedicated to using clean, hypoallergenic ingrediens. The birth-child of two New York based podiatrists, Dr. Adam Cirlincione and Dr. William Spielfogel, Dr.'s REMEDY proves quintessentially-perfect for any person looking to etter the condition of their skin and nails.

Sun, sand, shore: three summertime staples. And since setting our sights on this season’s bright, sassy, new summer collection from Dr.’s REMEDY Enriched Nail Polish, we’re believers that your hands and feet will follow suit in fantastically, fashionable style. Just in time to slip into your sexy sandals, welcome Dr.’s REMEDY Hot Hot Hot Summer 2011 collection: five fabulous, terrifically-on-trend shades of Enriched Nail Polish that we promise you’ll sizzle for!!!

The sunburst shades include :

Lovely Lavender : a pale purple with matte depth and charm
Glee Gold : a shimmer infused coin of perfection
Tranquil Tangerine : a bold but wonderfully-wearable, slice of juicy delight
Bold Baby Blue : an aqua-meets-turquoise take on every boy's favorite color
Nurture Nude Pink : a delicate, damsel-in-distress barely-there beautiful

Lovely Lavender is a light cool toned purple with a strong grey hue. It's a very nice shade and formula was pretty good too, almost a one coater. I can't see how this is matte but I don't mind that one bit.

Glee Gold is a champagne gold shimmer leaning foil. I think I've already said that I'm not really a gold girl but this polish mattified is just too awesome for me to pass. Totally unexpected... This is 3 thin and fast drying coats.

Tranquil Tangerine is a very bright and bold, two coater, metallic orange. I didn't really like at first but it kind of grew on me. Once again, I think that it looks super hot mattified!

Bold Baby Blue isn't at all what I was expecting it to be. I thought it would be a shimmer packed with tons of silver flecks but it's kind of between a metallic and a foil.  I don't really like it alone and prefer it mattified but even then I'm not absolutely fond of it. 

Nurture Nude Pink is a bare nude pink shimmer. It's a very nice work appropriate color, reminescent of Chanel Jade Rose. This is the only one that gave me trouble with application. Application was streaky and even after 3 coats, I couldn't get rid of some bold spots.

Dr.’s REMEDY Enriched Nail Polish is available for $17 online at www.remedynails.com or by calling 877-323-6756.

*these products were provided to me by the manufacturer or their PR company for consideration*


  1. Lovely Lavender is gorgeous!! I think it's one of the prettiest lavenders I've ever seen.

  2. I'm surprized at how much I love the gold mattified too! I'm usually not a fan of matte but wow! does it ever add that special something to Glee Gold...

  3. Wow, so expensive for colors I already have and didn't pay more than 5 bux for. Good for people with allergies I suppose.

  4. Ha! I've never heard of these, but what beautiful tangerine and nudes. Why do I look on here, you totally give me lemmings!!! :)

    Great shots, thanks for sharing the pics and link!

  5. I like Bold Baby Blue and Nurture Nude Pink

  6. I love the first and last shades (shiny, glittery is generally not for me) and the presentation on your beautiful nails makes it such a pleasure to visit your blog!

  7. I think the name of Tranquil Tangerine is an oxymoron cuz that baby POPS! LOVE IT! And mattified is awesome too!

    *Sigh* Another lemming. LOL

  8. These are not the first swatches I see on the internet, but yours are "Wow". Amazing pictures, made me lemming a couple colors.

  9. Bold Baby Blue looks a ton like OPI Teal the Cows Come Home. Your swatch photos are a huge WOW! Really great - amazing. I think the matte really helps on some of these almost frost metallic and I am normally not a matte fan - but see now I might be using it on some frosts I have that I don't like all the brush marks or the finish of.