#FF : Bloom

Please forgive the very short post today, I've been in training all week with my now not so new job and it was both time consuming and exhausting.

How about a nice, soft pastel for a change?
Bloom is a warm lilac with matching shimmer. I know it's Fall and pastels rather call for Spring but we all need a break from color sometimes, don't we?

I won't be giving an exact recipe for this but more of a "how-to".
I'm not saying that this is the best way to do it but I have found that it works great for me :

1/2 of sheer or pale shimmer polish, I pick up lots of boring shimmers for frankening purposes
1/2 of polish (or polishes)

Nice weekend everybody!


  1. I like this color a lot. We're definitely in the midst of an oversaturated color overload. So, this is a really pretty, really serene polish. The quality of your frankens is such that maybe someday you can (hopefully/deservedly) benefit financially from your creativity.

  2. @labyorkie thank you so much <333
    Straight to my heart!

  3. omg this is like the perfect lilac color I've always wanted... the cremes just don't do it for me or they are too metallic or something. I want this!

  4. Really pretty :) but nothing I would wear right now, I'm so into fall colors ;)

  5. It might not be the most logical shade for fall, but I happen to have a blooming hydrangea right now in my garden, it has flowers EXACTLY the same color as your Franken. Absolutely in love with it!!! I would definitely wear this in fall and even in winter. I have such an inmense admiration and love for your work, and I totally aggree with @labyorkie. Keep up this amazing artistry!!!

  6. Great work! My frankens never have come out this clean. And oh Marionne said it's not a fall shade - I just saw an editor review from FNO that Essie Nice is Nice is an 'it' color for fall!!! That's from early spring release '11 Essie - now added to their classic collection BTW. Your franken is close to Nice is Nice. So toss out all or most of the rules for seasonals - they don't go always....tons of country and for that matter, half the glob are into hot summer weather!

  7. I usually don't like lilac nail polishes, but this one is so gentle and divine. Your frankens always change my mind about colors that I used not to like. this one is no exceptional. Gorgeous!

  8. Lavender and grey shades are my favorite this time and your colors is just perfect :)