Crackles : Golden Rose Metallic Graffiti Nail Art VS P2 Pearl Crackling Top Coat

Can you remember this particular review Deniz posted on her blog Emerald Sparkled a few months ago?

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Well, I do, I was all ooohs and aaahs over these amazing sparkly, shimmery, crackles and although I must admit I had already crackle OD'd by then, they definitely sparked my interest (pun intended, lol). 

Until very recently I was heart broken and had given up on ever being able to purchase them, until very recently because, to my surprise, this is what I came across during my trip to Holland :

Don't they look familiar?

I present to you :

Golden Rose Graffiti Nail Art Metallics in
12 : shimmery dark red with large red, pink and gold flecks
11 : Shimmery warm purple with large purple, green and gold flecks
09 : Shimmery blue with small specks of silver

and their perfect dupes from the P2 Pearl Crackling Top Coat range
030 Red Volcano
010 Violet Fusion
020 Blue Thunder

Here's the Red crackle over Essie Size Matters, can yo guess which is which?

Again, purple crakle over American Apparel Dynasty, this time, can you tell them appart?

And finally, blue crackle over P2 Blue's Time, any wild guesses?

Well, considering they're dupes, it would be really hard to tell them apart.
The Golden Rose is on the middle finger on all the swatches and the P2 on both ring and index.

Formula wise, I found Golden Rose to be a bit thicker and I do prefer P2's more runny base but I really love that they all apply so smoothly on the nail, making "big" cracks and, most importantly, drying "flat". I don't know about you but I am not a fan of thick crackles at all.

Overall :
I am completely in love with the red and purple ones, a bit less about the blue but I believe these are some of the best crackles released this year.

P2 cosmetics are available in Austria at BIPA and Germany at DM.
Golden Rose is available worldwide but to the best of my knowledge the Graffiti line is limited to the European market.

*some products in this post were provided to me for review*


  1. I seriously hate crackle polish. But...OMG you just changed my mind. The red and purple pics are the best IMO. GORGEOUS!

  2. I'm in love with the purple and blue, so pretty!

  3. whoa, this is unbelievable! =) well observed =D

  4. @Trincess thanks! I've been litteraly drooling over them after your post...

  5. Wow, these are awesome. I wish I could get these in a store in the US..

  6. So beautiful! I love the glitter of these crackle polishes.

  7. I'm rather bored with crackles - I have black, silver and blue and they are nice but most of the others out there are getting kinda yawnsome. But these ones are stunning!!! And wow they're SUCH close dupes - I bet they were made in the same factory!

  8. I've still not OD'd on crackles, and these are gorgeous. :)

  9. Gorgeous!! I love these crackles!

  10. they are sooo awesome. i really love the red one, but the other two are great too

    (just a hint: you do NOT get p2 cosmetics at BIPA in Austria, just the p2 underwear. But you can get the p2 cosmetics at some places, I found the addresses here for example: (this is NOT my blog :))

  11. Thanks for this comparison, as I never go to Germany P2 isn't available to me, but Golden Rose is!

  12. I have the violet fusion one from P2, but until now I hated it, because it never looked like I wanted it to. But now I thinking about giving it a new try. thank you :)

  13. je les veux !!!
    ils sont sublimes !!
    Mais bon pour les trouver ca va pas etre gagné LOL meme impossible !!
    en tout cas ils sont trop beaux !!

  14. I love your tone-on-tone crack application -- super pretty!!

  15. Ugh, I LOVE the purple one, but have no way of getting it. Anyone care to send me one? ;)

  16. en tout cas ça rend super bien sur les ongles ! magnifiques teintes je trouve ! tu as choisi des couleurs de base qui font ressortir les cracks, j'aime beaucoup ^

  17. O.O OMG. I thought I was totally over crackles. I am so in love with these I can't even explain it in words. They are divine!!! <3 <3 <3

  18. This looks amazing !! Im a new follower.. xx

  19. J'adore !! C'est super beau !!

  20. They look so cool, I recently bought silver one and I love it and now I want some colors!!! ;)
    They look the same, maybe they are produce by the same company or they have a mole ;) ;)

  21. wow love these!! drooling over thm!! wish to try them with glitter red base & thn red crackle over them... lets see if i can achieve similar effect...