Trip to Holland, day 2 : drugstores!

Hi girls! I hope you've all had a good time for Halloween.
Well, as you probably know by now, I'm in Holland and Halloween doesn't do much for Dutch people but nail polish does! Or is it just to my friends here? Either way, we had a wonderful time here and went crazy shopping drugstore brands such as Essence, Catrice, P2 and also Kiko.

First we went to Germany, CentrO Oberhausen, a big mall near the Netherlands border
We hit the Kiko store, the big display was too crowded for me to take a pic :-(
This is their new Frozen limited edition collection

then we went to the DM where we could find Essence and P2
They didn't have any Essence LEs
 and P2 was being restocked so yay for more polish but nay for pics ;-)

We also drove a few more miles to Kalkar and more Essence.
They had some of the Urban Messages collection there

And finally, to the Muller in Goch and yet more Essence for a change lol
But they did have a big display, twice the size of the regular one

They also had some Catrice, very few new releases but I was happy to find lots of taupes and blues

Well, that's it for today, we came home happy but exhausted. My NOTD was OPI Ski Teal we Drop with matching heels (and skirt, which I just both love soooo much).


  1. Catrice is definitely worth a look but Essence... skip the polishes, lipglosses and eyeshadows. The quality is quite disappointing

  2. AAAHH I've never seen so much Essence! How lucky! My Ulta usually is completely out of the polishes except one or two "rejects" lol so this is awesome to see. I love seeing store displays, especially ones from far away :)

  3. Looks pretty much like heaven to me. :D

  4. Did you know in Germany there are 2 Essence stores that only sell Essence? They have all the LE's, and te new Vampire collection released Nov 1st...for the address and more info check (not affiliated, just a big fan.:))

  5. I'm drooling over those Essence stand pics. The stands in Australia are tiny :(

  6. This is normal to me(I live in Germany) But when I see these OPI's and China Glazes and Essies - WAHHHHHH! Heaven!

  7. oh girls, I know that feeling too well... Drooling over so many EU brands nail polish display has been my life until this wonderful trip
    @Rainbowify Me I would just looooove it so much to have an Essence store like near me, all those LEs *drools*

  8. Wow! It must feel like you are in polish heaven!

  9. @WaxWhiteRose

    Sorry, but this is so not true... The quality of the nailpolishes is very good!!