Trip to Holland, day 4 : Arnhem!

Day 4 is almost my last day in Holland. I really wanted to try and make the most of this day, nail polish wise, by having a big shopping spree with my friends, I'm really going to miss them when I get back home.
We spent the day in Arnhem, the city where they live and most of the time in the big open-air shopping center. They had a lot of places to shop polish there, drugstores like Kruidvat but also beauty stores such as Douglas and also small "perfumeries". I really wanted to have a closer look at the Koh and Herome products, especially the polishes, of course.

Here's a quick overview of the huge amount of nps we saw today; first in Germany, Essence and P2 and then in Arnhem.

Essence, again, including the limited edition, deliciously scented, hand balms

P2, both cosmetics and care 

More Koh

Herome, World Inspired Colors line and W.I.C. loves Denmark LE

Teeez's small nail polish line

That was the end of our polish spree, we did take a break to have lunch in a small typically Dutch restaurant and had a "Kaas" sandwich. That's just bread and cheese but it was very good. The dessert was wonderful too, lemon curd and cream meringue cake, not too sweet, just perfect with a glass of cold milk.

Well that's it for these Holland posts, day 5 (Thursday) will be quality time with my friends and preparing for my trip back home. I really hope you enjoyed these posts as much as I did. I can't wait to begin swatching some of the wonders I got in Holland and share them with you girls!!!


  1. Awe, I love the Netherlands so much :) Hope you tried some other specialities such as Frikandel, hehe ;) Have a nice day and a safe trip home.

  2. Funny to see you have had a "Tosti" (kaas sandwitch). You definitely have to try a "Kroket" and "Frikandel" and ofcourse have a "Fristi" drink :)

  3. I want to jump through the screen and play with all of those polishes!!!


  4. Are you sure these are the right pictures?
    We don't have P2 in Holland. That's from DM in Germany
    And Messages of Essence didn't came to Holland, it's only sold in Germany

    But the pictues look great!

  5. you're totally right Shannara I forgot we went to Germany in the morning, I'm editing the post. Thanks!

  6. Awesome posts! Can't wait to see photos of your goodies when you get back. We can all live vicariously through you. :)

  7. Have a safe trip home! Thanks for sharing with us while you were over there. Cannot imagine how fun it would be to go to the corner shop and find all these great brands!

  8. Awesome...all those polishes you came across! Thx for sharing...and look forward to seeing what you picked up!

  9. It's funny to see you love Holland so much, while I find it quite boring haha, but I live there so ofcourse that's different... I'm glad you had a great time! x

  10. Amazing!!! :D I hope so much I get to go to Holland one day. It seems like such a beautiful place! And there is so much awesome polish! P2 Gigantic is one of my favorite polishes of all time. <3 That cake looks soooooo good too, mmm!

  11. Last year I spent a week in Holland and I miss my friends and the country is beautiful