Yves Saint Laurent Holiday Look 2011 Limited Edition collection Preview

"Si je ne devais garder qu'un vêtement, ce serait le smoking..."

 "If I were to keep just one item of clothes, it would be the tuxedo"

Yves Saint Laurent

A smooth-flowing line, an absolute in the night. A signature. All about Love.

The tuxedo is the iconic garment launched by Yves Saint Laurent in 1966, a dream that is reborn from one season to the next, a total classic now being celebrated by Stefano Pilati, Creative Director Yves Saint Laurent Prêt-à-Porter. The quintessential embodiment of the YSL woman. All about seduction and passion. Playing with shadow and light, the way she does with every facet of her personality.

As pure as the finest powder, as sophisticated as satin leather, the tuxedo is the ultimate clothing for liberated women. Masculine, Feminine. Icon of elegance. Black Magic. No compromise. A style more than fashion. A way of being, a way of living, of moving freely. Living emotions to the full, far from imposed codes. Textured black, now matte, now glossy. No fear of extremes.
The tuxedo rhymes with all shades of sensitivity, shunning taboos but flirting with danger, set in beauty with a spell of magic. Yves Saint Laurent beauty. For ever. For now.


Eyes, complexion, lips, a movement of the hand. Midnight light. The quintessence of a couture ritual. Two tuxedo palettes of blacks and whites to glitter, shine, glow and redesign themselves, throughout the night.

“The tuxedo? It’s the icon of the Yves Saint Laurent wardrobe. A reference to
the pictures of Helmut Newton. The famous ‘smoky eye’. A signature eye.”

Lloyd Simmonds,
International Make-up Artist,
Yves Saint Laurent.

Through this Collection, Lloyd Simmonds pays tribute to the Yves Saint Laurent tuxedo, the absolute garment in a masculine / feminine wardrobe, enhanced by a satin sash, a velvet lapel, a bow-tie. In doing so, he has recreated a new palette of seduction, placing the emphasis on expression, on the force of an attitude.

Make-up… the ultimate gest. A way to sublimate a face, to reveal radiance and enhance the eyes, a unique dimension in the name of Yves Saint Laurent attitude. Allowing women to affirm the role as a heroine in their own way.

As a tuxedo does, the Palette Noir Terriblement elongates the eyes. Black is not just placed, it blends into the eyelid, now radiant, now transparent, to give the famous YSL “tuxedo” eye.

“Black is a color. Without black there is no line. At Yves Saint Laurent,
black is rebel, potent, yet all so elegant. It is alive, it is the supreme
emotion.Its force comes from the interior. It is light itself.”

Lloyd Simmonds.


The black tuxedo. Eye Shadow in 5 colors. 4 variations of black and a shimmering white in the middle. Black velvet, black silk, black moiré, black lamé, white satin, fabric turning into eye colors in the magic of an evening where black is unveiled in a play on shadow and light


Duo Terriblement Noir. Two blacks. One matte and one glossy. An ultra-graphic feel for the season’s most radical, most “couture” duo. A reprise of the contrasts of powder texture and satin lapels, they are complementary to give an ultra-sophisticated, infinitely black finish.

The Yves Saint Laurent Holiday Look 2011 is already available online on YSLbeauty.com and in selected boutiques and retails for :

Palette Noir Terriblement : 53€ / $65 / £39
Duo Terriblement Noir Manicure Couture n°6 : 30€ / $30 / £24


  1. 2 black nailpolishes? How incredibly creative.

  2. I'm not completely sure about the uniqueness of the polished but I'm curious about them. Can't wait to see some "real" swatches.

  3. Okay, okay - two simple polishes for 60€ (it's so much cheaper in Dollar!), I can't understand it. You don't even need both, just use a top coat or mattener! What a crazy make-up world :D

  4. @Leni actually it's 30€ for both since it's a duo.
    Still steep but it's a high end brand after all. I'll review them very soon and we'll see if the quality "justifies" the price tag

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    the first photo is the best:)
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